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AOL Defense: Allies Offer U.S. Strong Advantages, and Some Risk, in China Rivalry

America counts heavily on a cordon of allies stretching from Japan to the north down to Thailand, and across to India, in the highly unlikely event of war with China. But these same allies could draw the U.S. into strictly local disputes in which America does not always have a clear security interest and which could destabilize the region.

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The Diplomat: America’s Drone Challenge

Pilotless warplanes are proliferating across the Pacific. This poses a big problem for U.S. defense planners, according to one retired U.S. Air Force general.

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The Diplomat: China Boosts Destroyer Prowess

With the impending entry into service of China’s first aircraft carrier, the upgraded Russian Varyag, renamed Shi Lang, one U.S. analyst explains how the Chinese might employ the vessel.

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Kyle’s Far East Round-Up

South Korea
The five Somali pirates captured during the Samho Jewelry rescue operation are to be airlifted to South Korea to face trial on charges of piracy. South Korea wanted to hand the pirates over to a neighboring country, such as Oman or Yemen, but no country was willing to take them. The pirates are reportedly illiterate, and South Korean forces on hand did not have a Somali language speaker, making communication difficult.


Kyle’s Far East Round-Up

Last week’s visit to Japan by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates was a marked contrast to his 2009 visit. In 2009, Gates told the Japanese (and in particular the new Democratic Party of Japan government) that the 2006 agreement on a partial relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to other parts of Okinawa was “the best alternative for everyone” and warned the government of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama that Washington would not accept a renegotiation. Hatoyama was forced to resign less than a year later, in no small part due to the fact that he had staked his credibility on seeking an alternative to the 2006 agreement.


The Diplomat: U.S. Starting Asia Space Race?

It was a space launch to change the world. On January 11, 2007, a solid-fuelled rocket lifted off from Xichang Space Center in central China, a non-explosive “kill vehicle” fitted to its tip. Five hundred miles above the earth, the now-separated kill vehicle struck an 8-year-old Chinese weather satellite, pulverizing it and leaving behind a cloud of some 1,000 large pieces of debris.

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Sam’s Southeast Asia Round-Up

Last week, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) “postponed” his trip to Myanmar after it was reported that North Korea may have helped the country to establish a nuclear program. Webb had just visited Korea and Thailand.

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