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Matt Bors @ Diplomatic Guidelines for Assange

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Danger Room: Study: WikiLeaked Data Can Predict Insurgent Attacks

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Insurgencies are amongst the hardest conflicts to predict. Insurgents can be loosely organized, split into factions, and strike from out of nowhere. But now researchers have demonstrated that with enough data, you might actually predict where insurgent violence will strike next. The results, though, don’t look good for the U.S.-led war. And [...]

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Danger Room: Wikileaked Cable Confirms U.S.’ Secret Somalia Op

It was an off-hand compliment during a January 2007 dinner meeting between Abu Dhabi crown prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, plus staff, and then-U.S. Central Commander boss General John Abizaid. But Al Nayhan’s jocular praise, as reported in WikiLeaks’ trove of leaked diplomatic cables, is a rare admission that the United States played a central role in the disastrous December 2006 Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, a move that ultimately emboldened the very Islamic extremists the U.S. and Ethiopia had hoped to squash.

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Wikileaks: Documentation of an Afghanistan Ambush

It started with a threat. At a checkpoint in Baraki Barak district on October 21, 2009, Afghan security guards protecting the American combat outpost stopped a driver. When they insisted on searching the car, the driver rankled. “Fine,” he said, “you won’t be here in two days, anyways.”


Wikileaks Reveals Taliban Maneuvers

In June 2007, a force of several hundred Taliban fighters assaulted Afghan militia positions in the town of Chora, near Tarin Kowt, the capital of Uruzgan province in southern Afghanistan. Nearby Dutch and Australian forces were drawn into the fight. Several days of fierce fighting killed more than 100 Dutch, Afghan and Taliban combatants and civilians. Many of the civilians died in errant strikes by Dutch artillery, helicopters and F-16s.