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Forbidden Planet International Director’s Commentary: ARMY OF GOD

I knew when I went to Congo two years ago that I would write a comic book about it. And thanks to an expert team — my artist, editors and agent — what might have been a nightmare from beginning to end actually got easier and easier. With one huge caveat.

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WAR IS BORING ‘Works Well’

Better late than never when it comes to reviewing to my 2010 graphic novel WAR IS BORING.

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Matt Bors: Drones for Chavez

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WAR IS BORING Review: Better Late than Never

A review of War Is Boring.

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Matt Bors: Pentagon Budget Math

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Shooters: War Comics Get It Right

War comics rarely get it right.

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FROM A TO B, Reviewed

My friend and sometimes publisher Patrick Truffer ruminates on my war-logistics book FROM A TO B.

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The Starving Art Historian: How We War Now

At a talk at my university last month, a fellow student opined that the media, and in fact we as a society, don’t focus on peace enough. This sentiment begs the question of whether there’s such thing as peace without war. Certainly neither is as black and white as it used to be. Wars are smaller and more dispersed. And probably longer. The only thing for sure about them these days is their ambiguity. If “war is the continuation of politics by other means,” then war and peace seem to exist not as opposites, but in a cycle. What’s more, our current conflicts are completely obscuring any boundaries in that cycle. Sociologist Martin Shaw wrote of 21st century warfare.

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The ‘Stan: Now in Glorious Color

For a couple years now, I’ve been working with artist Greg Scott on THE ‘STAN, a comic about the Afghanistan war. It’s inching along. We finally got the first pages in color, courtesy of the super-talented Eric Darnes. Check out a sample above.


The Starving Art Historian: Happy(?) Veterans Day, Have Some Historical Analysis

“Well might the Dead who struggled in the slime/Rise and deride this sepulchre of crime.”

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Okay, So Maybe I’m Not So Bad after All

University of South Carolina communications department dean Charles Bierbauer responds to the outrage following my recent speeches.


From A to B: A Graf a Day

A paragraph or two a day from my forthcoming book FROM A TO B: HOW LOGISTICS FUELS AMERICAN POWER AND PROSPERITY.

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