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Danger Room: Syrian Rebels Hit Back at Regime Warplanes

Syrian president Bashar Al Assad’s jet fighters and helicopters continue to pound Free Syrian Army rebels in Damascus, Aleppo and other battleground cities, contributing to a death toll reportedly as high as 320 in one town in a single week. Attacks by jet fighters on rebels in Damascus yesterday reportedly killed 60 people.

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Last Footage Filmed by Japanese Journo Before She Was Killed in Syria

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21.08.12 Rebels vs. Government in Syrian Air Battle

The embattled regime of Syrian president Bashar Assad has unleashed its air forces against fighters of the rebel Free Syrian Army in the city of Aleppo and other battlegrounds. Government Mi-8 Hip helicopters and MiG-23 and L-39 jets have added gun- and rocket-fire to the army’s indiscriminate artillery barrages.

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Danger Room: Syria Uses Air Strikes Against Rebels (Which Usually Fail)

The crumbling regime of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad reportedly unleashed its air force on Wednesday in what could be the biggest aerial onslaught of the more than year-old civil war. Jet fighters dropped bombs on the northern city of Aleppo, Reuters and the BBC reported.

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Danger Room: Satellite Spots Syria’s Iranian-Made Drone

Since at least February the Syrian government has been using Iranian-built Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to track and target Free Syrian Army rebels in their strongholds, including Homs and Hamah. Now some fresh commercial satellite imagery provides new details about the drone’s possible tactics and capabilities.

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Danger Room: Syria’s Ballistic Missile Arsenal Looms As Assad Regime Buckles

If in its final hours Syria’s crumbling government unleashes a chemical barrage — and some analysts certainly think that’s possible — the regime will probably rely on an arsenal of gas- or nerve agent-tipped ballistic missiles purchased from Iran and North Korea.


Syrian Rebels Destroy Government MiG-23

From Youtube.

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‘Silence, Encircle, Pulverize’: Robert Young Pelton on Syria

Robert Young Pelton on the Syrian war.

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Atlantic Sentinel: Syria is Where ‘Responsibility to Protect’ Goes To Die

by NICK OTTENS Poor Susan Rice was exasperated last week. The American ambassador to the United Nations saw the first step toward international intervention in Syria go up in smoke over the weekend when China and Russia blocked a Security Council resolution that would have urged President Bashar al-Assad to resign. The two veto wielding [...]

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Cartoon Movement: Waiting Room

Syria is home to the world’s largest urban refugee population; hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have poured in since the 2003 invasion. Barred from joining the Syrian workforce, they attempt to navigate bureaucratic hurdles and find a new place to call home.

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