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Voice of America: Nuba Mountains Stronghold

Skip to the 3:50 mark for my latest TV spot, about the ancient Nuba Mountains stronghold in southern Sudan and the thousands of refugees hiding there from Sudanese bombers.

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Pete’s Africa Round-Up

Côte d’Ivoire
Soldiers killed seven youths over the last few days. The incident occurred in Vavoua, some 450 kilometers away from Abidjan. As a young man tried to avoid a roadblock of the national army — which many Ivorians accuse of leveraging illegal taxes and tolls at such roadblocks — he was chased by soldiers and beaten to death. The next day, some hundred local youths marched towards an army camp, armed with clubs and rifles. In what authorities described as “losing control,” some of the soldiers started shooting and killed six further young men.


Pete’s Africa Round-Up

Côte d’Ivoire / Liberia
More than one month after former president Laurent Gbagbo was ousted after a tense post-election standoff that involved U.N. and French forces, the situation has stabilized but is still far from peaceful. The Liberian government has found an arms cache believed to belong to Liberian mercenaries who fought for Gbagbo. Also, there are still thousands of Ivorian refugees in Liberia, which itself is recuperating from a civil war.

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Pete’s Africa Round-Up

Democratic Republic of Congo
The last weeks again saw widespread violence in the east of the DRC. In a more or less typical incident, units of the national army killed its own general Kisembo, vice-commander of the 7th military region over allegations that he was in the process of founding a new rebellion in Ituri, a region in the north-eastern part of the country. Kisembo, like most of his colleagues, was a former rebel and integrated into the army after the end of the Congo Wars. His possible defection may be due to the irregularities preceding the presidential elections, due to be held in December. There is the widespread feeling that president Joseph Kabila has used his parliamentary majority to change electoral law dramatically in his favor. None of the opposition candidates so far has threatened to challenge any election results violently, but it remains unclear how a rigged election would influence the situation in the volatile country.

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Correspondent: Chad “Not Quiet”

Weeks following a potentially region-changing peace deal between Chad and Sudan, the former country remains on the brink of its own, internal crises. Shifting rains plus massive displacement resulting from years of fighting have combined to disrupt agriculture. “More than two million Chadians will be affected by hunger” this year, says Mahamat Tahir Issa, War Is Boring’s Chad correspondent.

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World Politics Review: Disputes Threaten Chad-Sudan Peace Deal

On April 16, a Chadian helicopter with at least three people aboard crashed in Adre, a town abutting the border with Sudan in the desert region shared by the two countries. One person died in the crash, while two were injured. The incident was an unwelcome reminder of five years of conflict between the two impoverished nations — even as that conflict finally shows signs of winding down.

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Is Sudan Paying Off Rebels?

Last week, the government of Sudan under President Omar Al Bashir signed a ceasefire agreement with the Justice and Equality Movement, the major rebel group threatening Sudan. “The agreed ceasefire between the government of Sudan and JEM is an important first step towards reducing violence in Darfur and comes on the heels of important new agreements between the governments of Chad and Sudan to reduce tensions along their shared border,” said U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley.

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Chad and Sudan’s Fragile Peace

After five years of border war between Chad and Sudan, there’s reason to hope. The two countries have signed a peace accord. Chadian president Idriss Deby planned his first visit to Sudan in several years. The Chadian army ordered its border troops to shoot bandits and rebels on sight.

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Chadian Prez Heads East amid Thawing Relations

Things are looking up for Chad and Sudan, whose shared border — in and around Darfur — has been a seething conflict zone for seven years. This year, the two countries agreed to jointly patrol the border to tamp down on allegedly government-backed rebel groups that threaten both governments. Sudan will take the lead in the joint force for the first six months.

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Chad Cops’ Shoot-to-Kill Order

But Interior Minister Ahmat Mahamat Bachir isn’t taking any chances. On his eastern tour, he ordered Chadian paramilitary police to shoot bandits on sight, Mahamat reports.

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Chad and Sudan Sign Peace Deal

For years Chad and Sudan have accused each other of harboring rebel groups seeking to undermine each. Chad says its attackers are based in Sudan. Sudan says its attackers are based in Chad. Periodically one government will send troops across the border in pursuit of rebels, stoking tensions that have resulted in the two nations breaking off diplomatic ties on several occasions.

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World Politics Review: Chad and Sudan Mull Security Pact

by DAVID AXE Officials from Chad and Sudan are weighing a proposed treaty that would create a framework for joint patrols of their shared border, along and around Sudan’s Darfur province. If fully implemented, the security pact proposed in late-December could help lay the groundwork for peace talks with rebel groups, aimed at reducing cross-border [...]