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Atlantic Sentinel: ‘Smallest Navy Since 1917′ Also Most Powerful

by NICK OTTENS President Barack Obama’s planned reductions in defense spending have earned him considerable criticism from the right. One of his potential Republican challengers, Mitt Romney, laments that the United States Navy “is smaller than it’s been since 1917.” Other conservatives claim that the cuts in military spending will put the nation at risk. [...]

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China’s Latin America Mil Surge: Don’t Worry, It’s Mostly Hype

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN In October, China ordered the deployment of a 25,000-ton, 300-bed hospital ship dubbed the “Peace Ark” into the Caribbean Sea. The goal: provide humanitarian aid and put on a friendly face for China’s growing international ambitions. This “soft power” mission was similar to related and ongoing U.S. humanitarian missions conducted in the [...]

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