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Danger Room: China, Russia Could Make U.S. Stealth Tech Obsolete

It’s been a pillar of the U.S. military’s approach to high-tech warfare for decades. And now, it could be become obsolete in just a few years. Stealth technology — which today gives U.S. jets the nearly unparalleled ability to slip past hostile radar — may soon be unable to keep American aircraft cloaked. That’s the potentially startling conclusion of a new report from Barry Watts, a former member of the Pentagon’s crystal-ball-gazing Office of Net Assessment and current analyst with the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments in Washington.

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The Diplomat: Putting Eyes on China’s Carrier

To outfit its new aircraft carrier Shi Lang, due to enter service this year or next, the Chinese navy is going to need a balanced air wing mixing aircraft optimized for aerial combat, bombing, anti-submarine warfare, rescue, resupply and, finally, airborne radar early warning (AEW) and electronic warfare.

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Combat Aircraft: Revamped F-15s to Counter Chinese Stealth Fighters

It was as though the Pentagon knew what was coming – and had prepared.