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17.11.11 Navy High-Speed Transports Could Haul Australia Marines

The U.S. Department of Defense has announced it will begin stationing Marines in northern Australia, at existing Australian facilities in the city of Darwin. The roughly 1,000 Marines will complement the larger U.S. Marine force permanently stationed in Japan as part of the Pentagon’s 300,000-strong Pacific Command.

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The Diplomat: China Boosts Destroyer Prowess

With the impending entry into service of China’s first aircraft carrier, the upgraded Russian Varyag, renamed Shi Lang, one U.S. analyst explains how the Chinese might employ the vessel.

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The Pacific Balance of Power at Sea

Naval strategist Craig Hooper, War Is Boring chum and fellow San Francisco-based blogger, wrote an article last month comparing the Chinese fleet with the American, South Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese fleets combined. A sample:

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