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Voice of America: Refugees Flee Tuareg

Tuareg refugees face the threat of reprisal from the new regime in southern Mali in addition to poverty, starvation and disease.

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Pete’s Africa Round-Up


A large-scale mutiny-come-rebellion rocks the eastern part of the Democratic Replublic of Congo since Easter. Never the most peaceful of places, the situation in the Kivu provinces bordering Rwanda escalated, when army general Bosco “The Terminator” Ntaganda decided to defect from his position.

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Angriest. Blogger. Ever. [Updated]

Yesterday at I published a quick round-up of news related to last month’s Mali coup. While addressing rumors that the Peace Corps was withdrawing its volunteers from the country, I linked to a blog apparently written by P.C. volunteer Danielle Larson, who on Tuesday stated that the withdrawal rumor was “false.”


04.04.12 Chaos in Wake of Mali Coup

by DAVID AXE Mali, once a strong ally of the U.S. in the fight against Islamic terrorists, is in chaos. The Economic Community of West African States has imposed sanctions on Mali following a military coup last month that toppled the tiny West African country’s elected government. There are gasoline shortages and power and water [...]

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Pete’s Africa Round-Up

by PETER DOERRIE Mali The regional repercussions of the fall of Gadhafi are beginning to come clear as Tuareg militants attacked a total of six towns since Jan. 17. The Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA) — the group responsible for the attacks — has been formed only recently and is believed to have many former [...]


King Adz: Mali Madness

ONLY THE BRAVE MALI FILM from king adz on Vimeo. by DAVID AXE War Is Boring pal King Adz writes in: I’ve just come back from Mali, where I was shooting a doc for Italian fashion house Diesel, whose foundation Only The Brave has built a school, medical center and solar-powered media center. It’s quite mad, as [...]

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