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C-SPAN: IED Explosion in Afghanistan

Freelance video journalist David Axe was embedded with the U.S. Army in Logar Province, south of Kabul, when the military vehicle he was traveling in was struck by an IED. See the complete program here.

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C-SPAN: U.S. Troops in Logar Province, Afghanistan

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Voice of America: U.S.-Led Alliance Concentrates on Afghan Population Centers

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Danger Room: NATO Sending Mixed Messages about Afghan Militias

Staff Sgt. Richard Rodriguez was on a mission. On March 27, the stocky military policeman from the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division led a group of American and Afghan security forces on a foot patrol through the town of Baraki Barak, 50 miles south of Kabul. (See video above.)

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Danger Room: Battered Soldiers, Broken Plan: Afghanistan in Video and Photos

by DAVID AXE RAMSTEIN AIR FORCE BASE, Germany — The 88-foot-long cargo hold of the massive airlifter has been converted into a makeshift intensive care unit. Metal stanchions hold collapsible stretchers fitted with heart monitors. Defibrillators, pumps, intubation kits, oxygen bottles and other equipment lie ready in their hardened cases. For the scheduled seven-and-a-half hour [...]


Columbia City Paper: The Longest War

LOGAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan — On April 15, 2002, in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, at least five U.S. Army soldiers from a Explosive Ordnance Disposal team — a military bomb squad — were working to dismantle a stockpile of old, Soviet-designed 107-millimeter rockets. The munitions had been discovered during the U.S.-led invasion targeting the Al Qaeda terror group and its Taliban protectors.

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Axeghanistan ’11: From the Czech Republic, with Love

The Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team assigned to Logar, eastern Afghanistan, consults with Afghan National Army officers on the construction of new facilities for the ANA. Meanwhile, the Czech security detail visits the weapons range alongside some American troops.

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Axeghanistan ’11: Detained, and Thrilled about It

On March 25, U.S. Special Forces detained six men in a nighttime raid in Baraki Barak, Logar province, eastern Afghanistan. The next day, Afghan police released four of the men. Here’s what happened.

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Axeghanistan ’11: MPs on Patrol

Military Police attached to Charlie Company, 2-30 Infantry, in Baraki Barak, Logar province, Afghanistan, patrol the downtown bazaar alongside Afghan National Police on March 27.

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Danger Room: New Afghanistan Plan: Hole Up in Fortress Districts

With the first American troops slated to withdraw in July, the Afghanistan surge is nearly over. But even as the overall U.S. force in Afghanistan contracts, portions of a handful of particularly important districts — the rough equivalent of U.S. counties — could actually get more troops and more development cash.

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The Diplomat: Stalemate in Afghanistan

The bomb was buried beneath a foot or more of hard-packed earth on the road through Padkhabi-Shana, 50 miles south of Kabul. How long it had been there, only its creators knew for sure. But even with their sophisticated sensory equipment, a team of U.S. engineers passed over the bomb’s location at least once without detecting it.

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Axeghanistan ’11: Route Clearance

On patrol with the 541st Engineer Company, a counter-IED route-clearance force based at Forward Operating Base Shank in Logar province, eastern Afghanistan. Early in the video, you’ll see a Czech vehicle involved in a minor accident after nearly falling off a small bridge. I’m happy to report the vehicle was recovered without damage to the bridge. Afghans hate it when you wreck their bridges.

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