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A New Chinese Stealth Fighter?

Chinese warplane developers will surprise you. Just a few months ago, a Hong Kong magazine appeared to prove that the rumored Chinese J-16 stealth fighter was not a stealth fighter at all, rather a slightly-tweaked, and non-stealthy, Chinese copy of a Russian Sukhoi jet. But now photos are circulating of a partially assembled Chinese warplane that could be a version of the L-15 trainer … or it could be the rumored J-21 stealth fighter. If the latter, it would be China’s second stealth warplane, after the J-20 that debuted two years ago.


Stealth Fighters Are Hard: Modernization of China’s Aerial Arsenal Encounters Obstacles

China has a brand-new jet fighter. Only it’s not really brand-new at all. The emergence of the much-touted Shenyang J-16, following years of speculation, represents a surprising twist in China’s more than decade-long effort to build a world-class air force — and a reminder to outsiders that even Beijing with its tight central control, extensive manufacturing base and apparent deep pockets cannot perform aerospace miracles.