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Danger Room: China Flies New Stealth Fighter as Problems Plague U.S. Jets

The second copy of China’s stealth fighter prototype has just flown at a research facility in the city of Chengdu. The first flight of the J-20 Mighty Dragon with the nose number 2002 doubles Beijing’s stealth test fleet at a time when America’s latest jet fighters are hobbled by cost overruns, labor disputes and lethal design flaws. But it’s far from certain how much, and how fast, the new Chinese jet will alter the military balance.

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Danger Room: China Convicts Spy Blogger, Lets Others Keep Leaking

Three years ago a physically disabled Chinese man unwittingly broke the law when he shot video of a military airbase in eastern China and uploaded the footage to his website. Huang Moumou’s subsequent arrest and conviction for leaking state secrets is a surprising wrinkle in the tale of China’s “accidental spies.” Civilians with cameras are Beijing’s preferred method of revealing military developments to the world. But only, it seems, when the civilians stick to the government’s script.

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Danger Room: Are Chinese Bloggers America’s Accidental Spies?

On Dec. 22, 2010, someone apparently pointed a cellphone out of the window of a car driving along a public road outside the perimeter of a military airfield in Chengdu, an industrial city in central China. The person holding the phone, whose name has never been revealed, snapped a photo of a black-painted jet fighter taxiing through fog blanketing the airfield.

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Pacific Standard: China’s Accidental Spies

The jet fighter suddenly appears directly overhead, twin engines roaring, landing gear dangling like claws, diamond-shaped wings tracing an impressive black silhouette against the grayish sky. The airplane, displaying the red-star insignia of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, whips past and disappears beyond the opposite horizon.

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Merry Christmas, America — Love, China

The latest Internet video of the J-20, China’s in-development stealth fighter.

Background here.

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The Diplomat: Stealth Fighter or Bomber?

A photo from a Chinese aerospace exhibit, posted on an Internet forum, provides the first new evidence in more than six months regarding the role and capabilities of China’s first stealth fighter prototype.

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Danger Room: Real U.S. Stealth-Tech Advantage: Its Assembly Lines

For more than 20 years, the U.S. Air Force had a world monopoly on radar-evading technology — and with it, a huge advantage over any rival. Several generations of stealth fighters and bombers, from the earliest F-117s to the 1990s-vintage B-2s and today’s F-22s, have helped win wars, take down regimes and exert U.S. influence across the globe.

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The Diplomat: Big Week for China Air Power

It was another big week for China’s aerospace industry. Leaked photos, apparently taken in Chengdu, confirmed the existence of a large Unmanned Aerial Vehicle sporting a rare “joined-wing” configuration.

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The Diplomat: Japan’s Stealth Fighter Gambit

by DAVID AXE It’s an arms race Beijing claims it doesn’t want, Russia can’t afford, the United States believes it can’t afford and Japan probably isn’t prepared for on its own. All the same, the intensifying competition to build radar-evading jet fighters has had a powerful effect on the politics, industry and military forces of [...]

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The Diplomat: Faking Chinese Stealth Fighters

In the United States, they’re called “milbloggers” — that is, bloggers or Internet forum users interested in war news, strategy and tactics and the latest military technology. Most developed countries have active milblogging communities. In some, particularly the U.S., the best milbloggers have even joined the ranks of bona fide journalists.

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Chinese Stealth Fighter in High-Res

Via China Defense Blog, here’s the highest-resolution photo published so far of China’s new J-20 stealth fighter.

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Combat Aircraft: Revamped F-15s to Counter Chinese Stealth Fighters

It was as though the Pentagon knew what was coming – and had prepared.