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8ak: Indian Air Force Jets Barred from Naxalite Fight

Indian Air Force Air chief Marshal P.V. Naik has clearly stated that the Air Force was not in favor of using air power in anti-Naxal operations, after 76 security police were massacred by the Maoist Naxal guerrillas in Chattisgarh on Tuesday.

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8ak: 73 Indian Troops Killed in Naxal Attack

In one of the deadliest Maoist Naxal offensive against security forces, 73 security police have been killed and 12 injured in an ambush in Dantewada district of the Chhattisgarh on Tuesday morning.

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8ak: Fearing Maoist Backlash, Indian Government Sounds Alert

Fearing a severe backlash from the Maoist after the security agencies arrested several left wing extremists last week and seizure of 2,800 kilograms of explosives, the union government has sounded a red alert in its states.

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West Bengal Cops Outgunned in Rebel Attack

by DAVID AXE On Monday, Maoist “Naxalite” rebels in West Bengal, India, rode into a police facility on motorcycles, spraying gunfire and killing 24 outgunned cops. It was the latest assault in a 40-year-old rebellion against the Indian government. The Naxalites have deep public support in some communities — and even among some local politicians. [...]

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