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Mental Floss: How to Win Friends and Innoculate People

In recent years, the Navy has started dispatching dozens of hospital ships — some as big as shopping malls — to aid developing nations. The crews consist of doctors, nurses, engineers, pilots, volunteers, and even acupuncturists, all there to help. But as Mental Floss reporter David Axe learned while visiting the Kearsarge ship in Nicaragua, the Nashville in Gabon and the Comfort in Panama, these missions aren’t about altruism; they’re about winning friends and influencing nations.


23.05.10 Floating Causeway Boosts Hospital Ship Ops

The U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy will use techniques and technology developed for amphibious operations to boost her ability to see patients in remote, under-developed Pacific countries. On May 1, Mercy embarked on a five-month cruise, delivering free medical care to communities in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, East Timor, Palau and Papua New Guinea.

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Navy Commander on Haiti Hospital-Ship Delays

Why did it take so long for the U.S. Navy’s hospital ship Comfort to reach Haiti? The vessel arrived more than week after the 7.0 quake that flattened the country. According to the ship’s director of nursing, Commander Mark Marino, a week isn’t long at all.