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Danger Room: Is This a Super-Secret Stealth Helicopter … or a Hollywood Fake?

It’s either one of the biggest aviation news scoops in the last decade, or the latest in Hollywood fakery. Today ace aviation reporter David Cenciotti circulated the above photo, apparently depicting a stealth helicopter similar to those used by the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command in the May 2011 that killed Osama Bin Laden in his Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound. The photo originally appeared with little notation on Photobucket.

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Danger Room: Marines Want iPads to Control Robo-Copter Brains

It’s been less than a month since the Marines flew their first robotic supply helicopter on its debut combat mission in Afghanistan. Already, the amphibious combat branch is working on the next generation of pilotless cargo copter — one that’s an order of magnitude more sophisticated, and can be controlled by an iPad or other tablet.

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Danger Room: New Rolling Robot Transforms into Helicopter

Wheeled robots are nothing new. Flying bots are old-hat, too. But this is new: a dumbbell-shaped hybrid bot that can roll on thin, end-mounted wheels … and also fly with two sets of counter-rotating chopper blades, as depicted in the video above.

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The Diplomat: A Blackhawk View on Bin Laden

Cynthia Iris speaks with U.S. Army Blackhawk pilot Col. Paul Bricker about his take on the Special Forces mission against Osama bin Laden and why it was successful.

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MSNBC’s The Last Word: New Weapon of War?

I was on MSNBC’s The Last Word talking about the mystery stealth chopper that crashed at Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound.


Axeghanistan ’11: Contract Air

Just a bit of Afghanistan eye candy: a video of a routine circuit flight by one of the many private contractors supporting passenger and cargo operations in Logar province — in this case flying old Sikorsky S-61s.

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