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Pete’s Africa Round-Up

Gulf of Guinea
In what seems to be inspired by the hugely profitable pirating schemes in the waters surrounding Somalia, three cases of attempted piracy have been reported from the Gulf of Guinea. In all three cases, armed men attacked diesel tankers off the coast of Benin. In two cases the pirates successfully boarded the ships, but fled when patrol boats of the coast guard reacted to the distress calls of the crew.

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Avoiding African Partnership Pitfalls

The emerging U.S. military strategy for Africa stresses partnership over direct intervention. In other words, we team up with African armies, boost their training and equipment, then let them handle their continent’s security problems themselves. It’s a proxy approach.

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Guinea Tribe Arms as War Fears Grow

by DAVID AXE In a bloodless coup in Guinea a year ago, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara seized power following the death of strongman Lansana Conte. But many in Guinea never accepted Camara’s rule. Three weeks ago, Camara’s former aide Aboubacar Diakite shot and wounded Camara. Since then, Camara has been recovering in Morocco while his [...]

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