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Marines Corps Flack: Stealth Fighter is AMAZING — Oh Oh and American Flags!

Well, this is embarrassing.


For Better or Worse …

… the future of U.S. air power looks a lot like this.


Danger Room: Air Force Wants Hypersonic Missiles for Stealth Jets

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN For decades, the military has tried — with little success — to build missiles capable of traveling at breakneck, hypersonic speeds. Missile tests, however, have been uneven, with repeated failures punctuated by the occasional stunning success. Now the Air Force is taking a bigger role by seeking to build another hypersonic missile, [...]

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Danger Room: China Flies New Stealth Fighter as Problems Plague U.S. Jets

The second copy of China’s stealth fighter prototype has just flown at a research facility in the city of Chengdu. The first flight of the J-20 Mighty Dragon with the nose number 2002 doubles Beijing’s stealth test fleet at a time when America’s latest jet fighters are hobbled by cost overruns, labor disputes and lethal design flaws. But it’s far from certain how much, and how fast, the new Chinese jet will alter the military balance.

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18.04.12 Future Navy Air Wing Takes Shape

The U.S. Navy is beginning the planning process for its next-generation carrier air wing. New fighters, drones, radar planes and resupply aircraft are in testing or concept development. The result, sometime after 2030, could be an even more powerful naval air force.

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CBC’s Day 6: How the F-35 Dream Unraveled

I was a guest on CBC’s Day 6 program talking about the F-35 stealth fighter and Canada — and how the dream of a “universal” stealth fighter ran afoul of the unforgiving realities of cost and engineering.


Danger Room: Pentagon: Trillion-Dollar Jet on Brink of Budgetary Disaster

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the supposed backbone of the Pentagon’s future air arsenal, could need additional years of work and billions of dollars in unplanned fixes, the Air Force and the Government Accountability Office revealed on Tuesday. Congressional testimony by Air Force and Navy leaders, plus a new report by the GAO, heaped bad news on a program that was already almost a decade late, hundreds of billions of dollars over its original budget and vexed by mismanagement, safety woes and rigged test results.

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Danger Room: Pentagon Helps New Stealth Fighter Cheat on Key Performance Test

It seemed like a promising step for America’s next stealth fighter: The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter passed a key Pentagon test of its combat capability. But it turns out that the family of jets cleared the mid-February exam only because its proctor agreed to inflate its grade. In essence, the military helped the F-35 cheat on its midterms.

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The Diplomat: Training Begins on Stealth Jet

The U.S. military just took a big step towards fielding a new, stealthy jet fighter that proponents say will revolutionize U.S. combat power in the Pacific. The U.S. Air Force’s training command reportedly gave approval for a pair of experienced pilots to being flying F-35A stealth fighters on limited missions in the vicinity of Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, home to the 33rd Fighter Wing. The Wing will train Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps pilots on their different versions of the fighter. The test flights, approved on Friday, are meant to pave the way for full-scale training.

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Danger Room: Trillion-Dollar Stealth Fighter Cleared for Flight Training

The Air Force’s F-35A Joint Strike Fighter is finally cleared to begin introductory flights at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida — four months late.

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Danger Room: Trillion-Dollar Stealth Fighter Program Delayed, But Still Tracking

The Pentagon will delay acquisition of more than 100 early-model Joint Strike Fighters, a bid to save up-front money and to give more time for testers to work out the finicky F-35 warplane’s many technical kinks. That much was expected: The real surprise is that a newly cash-conscious Defense Department still seems fully committed to buying nearly 2,500 of the stealth jets.

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Danger Room: Trillion-Dollar Jet Has Thirteen Expensive New Flaws

The most expensive weapons program in U.S. history is about to get a lot pricier.

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