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Danger Room: Border Surveillance Plan Stumbles as Two-Thirds of Mexico Declared Unsafe

The Department of Homeland Security’s new attempt to build a mobile, virtual “fence” along the southern border is starting to show some of the same troubling characteristics of their last try. You know, the one that was canceled earlier this year after wasting a billion dollars.

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Danger Room: Anonymous Threatens Mexico’s Murderous Drug Lords

A ruthless campaign of killing, extortion and kidnapping by Mexico’s powerful Zetas drug cartel has created plenty of enemies, from the Mexican government to paramilitary vigilantes to rival cartels. But now the Zetas have a new adversary: the hacker collective Anonymous.

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Danger Room: New Player in Mexico’s Drug War: the NRA

We may have avoided default – for now. But there’s another political monster we’ve tried to postpone that’s fed up with our recalcitrance. By this, of course, we mean Mexico’s drug war.


Danger Room: Drug Raid Turns Ugly as SWAT Guns Down Marine Vet

What began as a carefully orchestrated drug raid by Arizona police ended in chaos, bloodshed and outrage. Now, a young Marine veteran is dead, leaving his wife and two young boys to mourn for him on this Memorial Day, after he made it through two tours in Iraq.

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World Politics Review: Smugglers’ Submarine Points to Growing Undersea Threat

It was a shocking discovery. On July 2, agents from the Ecuadorian military and police, acting on a tip from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, raided a smugglers’ camp deep in Ecuador’s jungle. Among rickety buildings and some scattered equipment lay a 100-foot-long submarine, half-submerged in a muddy channel.

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Sam in Indonesia: Deadly Penalty

by SAM ABRAMS We all know Southeast Asia has its issues with drug smuggling. (Who could forget Brokedown Palace?) Pictured here is Indonesia’s friendly airport reminder. (Photo: Sam Abrams)

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