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Danger Room: Is China’s New Stealth Fighter Headed to Sea?

The U.S. knows very little about China’s newest stealth fighter prototype, the Shenyang J-21. But the just-released photographs of the Chinese jet reveal it to have a barely noticeable but key detail — one that suggests the jet might be hauled by China’s future fleet of aircraft carriers.

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Chinese Carrier = Front Page News

What should grace the front page of the Shanghai Morning Post today but the Chinese Navy refurbished Soviet aircraft carrier, the former Varyag. Chinese officials officially acknowledged the carrier’s existence this week, but the whole world has known about it for years and it’s on the cusp of entering service, ostensibly in a training role.

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The Diplomat: The Limits of China’s Fighter

The People’s Liberation Army Navy has finally broken the silence about its new carrier-based jet fighter, the J-15. While outside observers have strongly suspected for several years that China intended to deploy the J-15 – an adaptation of the Russian Su-33 – aboard the PLAN’s first aircraft carrier Shi Lang, Chinese officials didn’t confirm it until last week.

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Danger Room: Relax: China’s First Aircraft Carrier is a Piece of Junk

Her new guns are installed. Her light-gray paint job has dried. Her airplanes are flying and her engines are turning. Thirteen years after she was purchased from Ukraine half-complete and lacking engines, the Chinese navy’s very first aircraft carrier is ready to set sail from Dalian shipyard in northeast China. The former Soviet carrier Varyag, renamed Shi Lang in Chinese service, could begin sea trials this summer.


01.06.11 How Chinese is China’s New Aircraft Carrier?

After more than a decade of work, China’s first aircraft carrier is nearly ready for sea trials. The U.S. Navy, which maintains five supercarriers plus an equal number of big-deck assault ships in the Pacific, has reacted calmly. In April, Adm. Robert Willard, Pacific Command commander, said the Chinese carrier, reportedly named Shi Lang after a famed Chinese general, will pose a mostly symbolic threat, influencing perceptions more than it does the actual regional balance of power.

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16.05.11 Chinese Carrier Needs Submarine Escorts

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy is close to deploying its first aircraft carrier, the refurbished Soviet flattop Varyag. Renamed Shi Lang, the 60,000-ton vessel is in the final stages of preparation at the port of Dalian, and could begin training cruises this year or next.

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