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Peter’s Atlantic Round-Up

The arrest of former Turkish Chief of Staff Ilker Basbug as part of an ongoing investigation into anti-government plotting within the military has come as a shock to many within Turkey. He will face trial in a civil court, which was unthinkable even a decade ago.

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17.11.11 Navy High-Speed Transports Could Haul Australia Marines

The U.S. Department of Defense has announced it will begin stationing Marines in northern Australia, at existing Australian facilities in the city of Darwin. The roughly 1,000 Marines will complement the larger U.S. Marine force permanently stationed in Japan as part of the Pentagon’s 300,000-strong Pacific Command.

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Media Spin and the Australians in Afghanistan

“Even heroes have their heroes,” The Australian reports.


Aussie Commando Wins Victoria Cross, Major Prize

by DAVID AXE New Zealander Willie Apiata isn’t the only Commonwealth commando to gain fame from his Afghanistan exploits. Australian commando Trooper Mark Donaldson was just named “Young Australian of the Year,” according to The Australian. Donaldson rose to fame after winning the Victoria Cross for his role in a September 2008 firefight in which [...]


Timor Tour of Duty

by DAVID AXE War Is Boring pal Sasha Uzunov has edited a new documentary about the early days of the Australian intervention in East Timor in 2001. Check out Timor Tour of Duty. (Video: Sasha Uzunov)

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