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Pete’s Africa Round-Up

There hasn’t been much of a change in the overall situation during the last weeks: the northern half of Mali — an area about the size of France — is occupied by a range of rebel groups. While neighboring states and the international community are deeply concerned over the Islamist policies of some of these groups, the Malian state has proven to be incapable to act, due to a coup d’etat which send the government into a deep crisis.

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Pete’s Africa Round-Up

DR Congo
The eastern Congo is about to enter a new cycle of violence. The rebels of the new organisation “M23” only control a limited area so far, but reportedly get stronger by the day. M23 is the result of the mutiny of several army units around Easter. These units were part of a former rebel group, the CNDP, which was officially disbanded and integrated into the army in 2009.

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Axe on Stop Imperialism

Listen as I discuss Special Operations Forces in Africa and North Korea plus the Chinese space program with Eric Draitser at Stop Imperialism.

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Voice of America: Nuba Mountains Stronghold

Skip to the 3:50 mark for my latest TV spot, about the ancient Nuba Mountains stronghold in southern Sudan and the thousands of refugees hiding there from Sudanese bombers.

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Pete’s Africa Round-Up


A large-scale mutiny-come-rebellion rocks the eastern part of the Democratic Replublic of Congo since Easter. Never the most peaceful of places, the situation in the Kivu provinces bordering Rwanda escalated, when army general Bosco “The Terminator” Ntaganda decided to defect from his position.

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Voice of America: Food Crisis in the Sahel

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“When It Happens in Africa … “

Via A View from the Cave.


Pete’s Africa Round-Up

Burkina Faso
Ten people were killed in clashes between neighboring communities in Guenon, a village about 80 kilometers south of the capital Ouagadougou. According to reports by state media, the deaths resulted from a dispute about the position of the local chief, who at the moment is a member of the Akonga ethnic group. This is a longstanding grievance of the Liliou group, who have pleaded for a chief of their own. Tensions escalated over the weekend, when the son of the current chief was killed with nine further people dying and about 100 houses burned down in the ensuing fighting.

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Pete’s Africa Round-Up

by PETER DOERRIE Mali The regional repercussions of the fall of Gadhafi are beginning to come clear as Tuareg militants attacked a total of six towns since Jan. 17. The Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA) — the group responsible for the attacks — has been formed only recently and is believed to have many former [...]


Pete’s Africa Round-Up

Côte d’Ivoire
Soldiers killed seven youths over the last few days. The incident occurred in Vavoua, some 450 kilometers away from Abidjan. As a young man tried to avoid a roadblock of the national army — which many Ivorians accuse of leveraging illegal taxes and tolls at such roadblocks — he was chased by soldiers and beaten to death. The next day, some hundred local youths marched towards an army camp, armed with clubs and rifles. In what authorities described as “losing control,” some of the soldiers started shooting and killed six further young men.


Pete’s Africa Round-Up

Democratic Republic of Congo
Monday saw the first presidential and parliamentary elections since 2006 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Stakes were high in the single-round elections, with eight presidential and 18,000 parliamentary candidates on the ballots. The run-up towards election day was tense, with frequent clashes between security forces and supporters of UDPS candidate Étienne Tshisekedi in urban centers. On the final campaign weekend alone, up to 10 people died in the capital of Kinshasa.

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Danger Room: Obama Sends U.S. Troops to Battle African Rape Cult

It’s taken years of determined lobbying by international aid groups, but the Pentagon is finally deploying 100 combat troops to do battle with Ugandan cult leader Joseph Kony and his brutal Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group in Central Africa. “These forces will act as advisers to partner forces that have the goal of removing from the battlefield Joseph Kony and other senior leadership of the LRA,” President Barack Obama said Friday.

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