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Top War Tech #1: No Tech

The best weapon in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan isn’t any armored truck, flying robot or radio jammer. It’s the squishiest, most amazing technology of them all: the human brain. I return to blogger Jason Sigger’s recent assertion: The guys in the field always want more gear to execute the mission. In the words [...]

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Top War Tech #2: Tough Trucks and Tiny Drones

The #2 spot in my series on the best war techs is a tie between blast-proof trucks and small aerial drones: two life-saving technologies that, despite their proven capabilities, have been neglected by a Pentagon bureaucracy that prefers to grow its own super-expensive programs than to invest in existing systems that the troops know, love [...]


Top War Tech #3: Targeting Pods

Five years ago, tactical air power was in danger of becoming irrelevant, unbeknownst to the tens of thousands of U.S. military personnel who fly and maintain the Pentagon’s roughly 4,000 attack jets, fighters and bombers. While the Air Force — and the air components of the Navy and Marine Corps, too — were still mostly [...]


Top War Tech #5: Talon Robot

Improvised Explosive Devices are the biggest killers of U.S. troops in Iraq … and one of the biggest killer of IEDs is Foster-Miller’s Talon robot. “It’s an excellent robot, and I would rate it as being the best one in theater,” ordnance disposal Airman Robert Wester told an Air Force reporter. But how does the [...]

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Top War Tech #6: GPS

I’ll let Danger Room pal Robot Economist handle the latest nominee in our Top War Tech series: The idea for GPS originally came from a Navy program designed to provide navigational data to Polaris missile submarines to ensure the accurate delivery of their doomsday payloads.┬áSince then, GPS has enabled a number of enormous changes in [...]

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Top War Tech #7: Hot Chow

The U.S. military does a lot with very little. It took 15 million U.S. troops to fight World War II for just four years. We’ve been at this globalterrorwarthingy for six years now with a force of 2 million, counting reserves. For the average trooper on the ground that means long tours: up to 15 [...]

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Top War Tech #8: Hercules

War, especially the comfy American way of war, takes stuff. Lots and lots of stuff: 100 million square feet of seaborne dry cargo for Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, according to Military Sealift Command. Once the stuff reaches a port, say in Kuwait, it gets hauled to the troops by mile-long ground convoys or in [...]


Top War Tech #9: Patrol Boats

In all the good, bad and mixed news coming out of Iraq, there is a notable gap. Nobody’s said much about the most vulnerable chokepoints in the entire Iraqi economy: the two offshore oil terminals on the Persian Gulf near Basra, from which 90 percent of Iraq’s revenue is derived. Three years ago, suicide bombers [...]

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Top War Tech #10: Hesco Barriers

┬áVoila, the first installment of a ten-part series on the best technologies in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve got ten in mind, but if you’ve got any recommendations, drop me a line at And if you want to toss any ideas out for the worst techs, I’ll be following up the top [...]

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