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Danger Room: Army Doubles Down on ‘Garbled, Ineffective’ Next-Gen Radios

In key moments during the U.S. Army’s latest war game for advanced communications gear, the troops’ high-tech new radios failed them.

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Photos: Production of Russian Su-34 Fighters

English Russia takes us inside the Novosibirsk factory where workers are hand-assembling some 90 Su-34 fighters for the Russian air force.

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Danger Room: Army Plan: Wirelessly Recharge Gadgets … From 50 Feet Away

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Leaving home while carrying a phone, an iPad and a laptop might also mean lugging along several tangled power cords. Now add radios and GPS devices. Now strap them to your person and wrap the cords around your body beneath your 30-pound armored vest. Oh, and you’re on patrol in Afghanistan, which [...]

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Danger Room: Check Out This Giant Spy Blimp Before the Air Force Kills It

ELIZABETH CITY, NORTH CAROLINA — Down the road from the Coast Guard air station, past the copse of oak trees, surrounded by fields of leafy collard greens, in a 1,000-foot-long steel hangar built during World War II here in coastal North Carolina, the unlikely dream of an upstart military contractor is about to be literally deflated. In the hangar’s musty gloom, underneath rafters where countless birds perch and spatter the concrete floor 200 feet below with their waste, a 370-foot-long, ultra-high-tech surveillance airship floats just a foot off the ground, tethered to Earth by three metal cables each weighing three tons.

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04.06.12 Trade Show Offers Peek Inside Secretive U.S. Special Operations Forces

The Special Operations Industry Conference in Tampa last week offered a rare glimpse inside the powerful, and growing, U.S. commando community. The three-day conference, jointly hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association and U.S. Special Operations Command, included presentations by senior special operators and bureaucrats and equipment demonstrations and displays by the military and industry. Among the disclosures.

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Danger Room: Inside America’s Controversial Commando Conference

TAMPA, Florida — Scandal. Political intrigue. Tricked-out assault helicopters disgorging masked Special Operations Forces. A noisy, smoky mock gunfight. These are just about the last things you’d expect to see at a trade show. But SOFIC — that’s the Special Operations Forces Industry Convention — had all this and more.

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Danger Room: Navy Wants Ultra-Violet Cloaking Device for Jet Fighters

The U.S. military is already investing tens of billions of dollars to make its jet fighters less visible to radars and infrared sensors. Now the Pentagon wants the defense industry to come up with a system that can cloak fighters from another telltale type of radiation: ultra-violet energy from the sun.

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Photo: The Last Raptor

Thirty years of R&D and production and $70 billion later, Lockheed has delivered the 195th and last F-22A Raptor to the U.S.Air Force.

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Combat Aircraft: The ‘New’ B-52

The last of 744 B-52 Stratofortresses, an H-model, rolled out of Boeing’s Wichita facility in 1962. Fifty years later in February, the Pentagon identified the B-52 and the U.S. Air Force’s other strategic bombers as vital weapons for the Pentagon’s ongoing “pivot” towards the western Pacific. “The focus on the Asia-Pacific region places a renewed emphasis on air and naval forces,” the Pentagon announced. “Therefore we maintained the current bomber fleet.”


AOL Defense: Construction Delay Is Good News, Bad News Story For New Boomer

The Navy’s proposal to delay construction of new ballistic-missile submarines (SSBNs) meant to succeed the current Ohio class is both good and bad news for America’s shipbuilders, according to the program manager for the new “boomer” sub. But key members of Congress -– already at odds with the Administration over delays to the Virginia-class submarine — remain skeptical.

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Danger Room: Bombs Away: How the Air Force Sold Its Risky New $55 Billion Plane

In an instant, four tons of steel and explosives slammed into the 522-foot-long warship Schenectady, blowing it apart in a cataclysm of smoke, dust and sound. Overhead, a pair of U.S. Air Force Boeing B-52 bombers orbited, one of them having just released four laser-guided bombs. The huge, eight-engine warplanes had flown directly from Louisiana to attack the decommissioned Navy landing ship as part of an exercise near Hawaii on Nov. 23, 2004.

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Center for Public Integrity: Will the $55 Billion Bomber Program Fly?

The Air Force’s bomber troubles stretch a long way back. The last bomber to be developed and purchased without huge cost overruns was the B-52, which began development in the late 1940s. Twice in subsequent decades the Air Force launched a new bomber program in order to replace the now-classic B-52, only to see costs rise and production terminated early. Seventy years after its design was conceived, the B-52 remains America’s most numerous strategic bomber.

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