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Kony’s Ivory: LRA Poaching in Garamba National Park

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Learning from Aliens

There may indeed be “friends from out of town” amongst us, but our own neighbors are plenty strange. The more we learn about octopuses, squid and cuttlefish the more they startle us with their sheer outlandishness. A calamari appetizer when alive can maneuver with a waterjet, grapple and taste with tongue-like tentacles, bite through a finger with a beak and change colors like a chameleon. Captive octopuses routinely escape their tanks, open screw jars and solve puzzles like apes, and squid have been observed literally flying above the sea in energy-saving glides.

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Voice of America: Food Crisis in the Sahel

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Voice of America: Oil Cleanup in Nigeria’s Delta Region

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Matt Bors Explores Haiti’s Tent Cities

“Yesterday we visited one of the biggest tent camps in Port-au-Prince,” Matt Bors writes.

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Matt Bors: Dark Side of Haiti’s Faith

Matt Bors checks in from Haiti.

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Matt Bors’ Haiti Slideshow

Matt Bors checks in from Haiti with a slideshow.

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Matt Bors Discovers Haiti’s Cartoonists

Matt Bors checks in from Haiti, where he’s recruiting comics talent for some long-form cartoon journalism.

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Haiti, 18 Months after the ‘Quake

Cartoonist Matt Bors is in Haiti to check out the earthquake recovery (or lack thereof) and to recruit Haitian cartoonists to help chronicle ongoing efforts. Matt’s team from Cartoon Movement has posted its first dispatch.

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The Diplomat: Report from the Japanese Quake Zone

by DAVID AXE The Diplomat blogger David McNeill has reached northeastern Japan’s quake zone. The editors have posted an interview with McNeill: Q: Where are you now? A: Right now we’re in Sendai. We’re heading north to the town of Minamisanriku, which I know you’ve heard of. It’s basically been wiped out by the tsunami, [...]


Japan Security Watch: The Next Day

by JAMES SIMPSON Yesterday I experienced the most surreal moments my still short life has had to offer: terra firma swaying like the deck of a storm-stricken ship, and a two-hour walk home through absolute darkness in the outskirts of the world’s largest city. My wife returned home after an eight-hour walk, a fellow refugee [...]

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Miyagi Prefecture Earthquake: Military Developments [Updated Monday]

by KYLE MIZOKAMI At approximately 2:50 p.m. local time on March 11, a series of powerful earthquakes hit the northeastern part of Japan. The strongest of the earthquakes has been measured at an 8.9 magnitude and was felt as far away as Beijing.The earthquakes, along with resulting tsunamis and fires have so far claimed at [...]