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War Is Boring #18: Lying Americans

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Iraq Bleeding Oil?

Iraq’s parliament is debating a new oil law that would open the country’s 112-billion-barrel oil reserves to foreign investment. The law is critical to expanding Iraq’s struggling, $40-billion economy, according to Under Secretary of Defense for Business Transformation Paul Brinkley. “Iraq has significant but aging infrastructure for access to raw petroleum. There is relatively little [...]


The Washington Times: Militias, Graft Stall Afghan Roadways

By David Axe July 14, 2007 Kabul — Poor security and alleged government corruption have slowed transportation projects in Afghanistan, exacerbating the dire need for better roads to facilitate commerce and military operations. Six years after the U.S. invasion, coalition troops and U.N. and civilian aid workers still move around the mountainous country primarily by [...]


Afghan Ambassador: “I Am Hopeful.” (Bumped)

I met with Afghan ambassador to the United States Said Tayeb Jawad a few weeks back to talk about international reconstruction efforts in his country and Afghanistan’s tense relationship with its neighbor Pakistan. As an introduction to my coming blog series from Afghanistan, I am reposting my summary of the conversation. Here are some excerpts [...]


Army Engineer on Iraq Reconstruction

Yesterday I spoke to Brigadier General Michael Walsh, chief of the Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq, about his group’s efforts to rebuild Iraq. His comments reflect those of other U.S. and Iraqi officials highlighting slow but steady progress shoring up basic services following a lull of several years in reconstruction. The surge – combining [...]

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A “National Guard” for the ‘Net?

Andrew Rasiej and Micah Sifry over at the Personal Democracy Forum are proposing the creation of a government-run emergency response force for information technology. It’s part of their 6-point platform for America’s first “‘TechPresident.” “Create a National Tech Corp,” the authors advise, because as our country becomes more reliant on 21st century communications to maintain and [...]

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Just a Dab of Reconstruction … Only Four Years Late

Four years after the disastrous decision by the U.S.-led provisional authority to instantly privatize all Iraqi state-owned industries – a move that resulted in the failure of many factories and, consequently, 50-percent unemployment in much of the country – an American Defense Department task force is finally launching a concerted effort to re-open idle Iraqi [...]


Reconstruction Teams to the Rescue!

Provincial Reconstruction Teams tasked with rebuilding ruined infrastructure and institutions are trying to take the lead in the U.S. strategy to stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan. But the PRTs’ seemingly peaceful missions belie the extreme dangers they face every day, with security concerns often hobbling their efforts to make a significant impact. Small, lightly equipped and [...]


Rebuilding Lebanon (Updated!)

The United States will announce a substantial contribution to Lebanon at an international donors’ conference this week as part of an effort to rebuild the country and strengthen its western-backed government, State Department officials said. This according to the Associated Press. The total is expected to exceed the $230 million that the United States contributed [...]