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Danger Room: Aurora Police Trained for Major Shooting Spree

Nearly a year before a gunman burst into the Century Aurora 16 movie theater and murdered 12 people in Aurora, Colorado, police in the Denver suburb prepared for the worst. Along with police across the Denver region, they scrambled to respond to simulated terrorist attacks during an exercise modeled on the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India, where coordinated bombings and shootings by militants killed 164 people.

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Video: Dutch Counter-Terrorism Exercise

Recently the Dutch Counter-Terrorism unit Interventie Mariniers (UIM) held a large-scale exercise to prepare for a Mumbai-style attack in Rotterdam.


Danger Room: Hours Later, Air Force Wing Blasts 1,000 Mock Targets

In World War II, it could take up to 30,000 bombing runs over a period of weeks to destroy a thousand ground targets. On Monday in North Carolina, the U.S. Air Force’s 4th Fighter Wing hit 1,000 targets in a single sweep, using just 70 or so Boeing F-15E Strike Eagles capable of dropping large numbers of small, smart munitions. Estimated time of destruction: a couple hours.

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Voice of America: Key Local Afghan Police Force Slow to Catch On

U.S.-led coalition forces are racing against the clock to train a new local police force in one vital Afghan town. But it is not easy convincing eligible men to enlist.


Voice of America: Police Mistrust Threatens US-Afghan Alliance in Key Town

The effort to shore up security in Afghanistan is shifting.

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Danger Room: In Blog Post, Former Navy Pilot Foreshadowed His Own Death

On the morning of March 6, a contractor-owned Kfir fighter jet missed the runway at Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada. “The airplane struck the ground in an open field in the northwest corner of the airport property and impacted a concrete building on the field,” the National Transportation Safety Board reported. A photo from the scene showed the Israeli-made jet’s nose buried in the structure’s side and scorch marks on the walls.

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Voice of America: Coalition Forces Train Afghan Police to Stop Taliban

Two years before the scheduled departure of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the U.S.-led coalition is trying to shore-up security by blocking key Taliban supply lines.

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The Diplomat: Training Begins on Stealth Jet

The U.S. military just took a big step towards fielding a new, stealthy jet fighter that proponents say will revolutionize U.S. combat power in the Pacific. The U.S. Air Force’s training command reportedly gave approval for a pair of experienced pilots to being flying F-35A stealth fighters on limited missions in the vicinity of Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, home to the 33rd Fighter Wing. The Wing will train Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps pilots on their different versions of the fighter. The test flights, approved on Friday, are meant to pave the way for full-scale training.

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Danger Room: Cultural Cluelessness Threatens U.S. Commando Strategy

In one sense, the U.S.-led coalition has itself to blame for the riots and killings that have raged across Afghanistan in the wake of last week’s accidental burning of the Koran by American forces. Too many U.S. troops habitually disrespect their Afghan trainees, according to some of the elite forces who head up those training sessions. And those small, tactical acts of cultural stupidity can lead to a strategic moment, like the one we’re having now.


Danger Room: Some U.S. Forces ‘Step Back’ From Afghan Training, Despite Pentagon Pledge

The official line from the Pentagon is that U.S. forces will still work hand in glove with their Afghan counterparts, even after an Afghan Interior Minister employee murdered two American troops on Saturday. But some elite units are already reducing cooperation with the Afghans until anger over U.S. troops burning the Koran dies down, casting doubts on the Pentagon’s assurances that no change in U.S. strategy is necessary.

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AOL Defense: A Glimpse Inside Special Forces Training of Top Afghan Cops; Rule of Law Vs. Corruption

AFGHANISTAN: International Special Operations forces play an important but largely unheralded role in Afghanistan. American Army Rangers, Green Berets and Delta Force, along with Navy SEALs and Air Force specialists work with the best from Britain, Australia, New Zealand and a host of other allied nations to kill and capture insurgents and terrorists. They also train Afghan militia, police and soldiers.

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18.02.12 Afghanistan’s Leadership Problem

Afghan security forces will take over as U.S.-led international troops gradually withdraw from Afghanistan through 2014. At least that’s the plan. Poor leadership could undermine Afghan efforts to secure their own country. “There’s a gross lack of leadership in Afghanistan,” says “Tom,” a U.S. Army Special Forces officer assigned to train Afghan police in Laghman province, east of Kabul.