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Danger Room: Special Ops Commander Sacked After Tiltrotor Crash

The head of an Air Force Osprey tiltrotor squadron has reportedly been fired following the near-fatal crash of one of the unit’s aircraft on June 13. “The commander of the 8th Special Operations Squadron was relieved because of a loss of confidence in his ability to effectively command the unit,” Col. James Slife, 1st Special Operations Wing chief, told Inside Defense (subscription required).

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Danger Room: U.S. Stealth Jets Choking Pilots at Record Rates

The Air Force’s F-22 Raptor stealth fighters poison or suffocate their pilots nearly 27 times per 100,000 flight hours — a rate at least nine times higher than other fighters and far worse than anyone outside of the military previously realized. That shocking revelation comes from two lawmakers, Sen. Mark Warner and Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who have been aggressively pursuing the cases of Air Force pilots that are getting choked on the job.

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Danger Room: Special Ops Tiltrotor Down in Florida: Second Crash in Three Months

An Osprey tiltrotor belonging to Air Force Special Operations Command crashed in Florida Wednesday evening, injuring five people aboard and likely badly damaging or destroying the aircraft. It’s the second crash in three months for the controversial V-22 tiltrotor, which takes off and lands like a helicopter and cruises like an airplane thanks to its rotating wingtip engine nacelles. A Marine Corps V-22 went down in Morocco in April, killing two crew.


Danger Room: Poisoned Fighter Pilot Faces New Nightmare: Air Force Bureaucracy

The Air Force is continuing disciplinary action against one of the Air Force pilots who refused to fly the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter because the pricey jet’s faulty oxygen system was steadily poisoning him. Capt. Josh Wilson, from the Virginia Air National Guard, has been granted whistleblower protection under federal law — a status the Air Force has publicly acknowledged. But that hasn’t stopped the flying branch from beginning a process that may very well threaten to end the pilot’s career.

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Danger Room: Some Pilots Refuse to Fly as Stealth Jet’s Oxygen Problems Worsen

The Air Force’s F-22 Raptor stealth fighters and their faulty oxygen systems are choking their pilots. One attempt at a quick fix only made the problem worse. Despite this the Air Force, ordered its roughly 200 Raptor pilots to keep flying. Now Maj. Jeremy Gordon and Capt. Josh Wilson, both experienced Raptor fliers with the Virginia Air National Guard’s 192nd Fighter Wing, have refused to fly an airplane that they claim is fatally flawed.

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Danger Room: Two Dead in Latest Crash of Marines’ Controversial Tiltrotor

A Marine Corps V-22 Osprey tiltrotor crashed during a training exercise in Morocco yesterday, killing two people aboard and injuring two others. The Marines have released only a few details so far, but it’s worth pointing out that the Boeing- and Bell-built V-22, which takes off and lands like a helicopter and cruises like an airplane thanks to its rotating engines, has a long history of mechanical problems — and a safety record far worse than the military likes to admit.

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Danger Room: Video: Copter Crash Near Afghan Outpost Narrowly Misses Bystanders

A U.S. Army AH-64 Apache gunship has crashed in Marzak, Afghanistan, in restive Paktika province along the border with Afghanistan. The incident, captured in the video above, illustrates the dangers of aggressive, low-level flying in a part of Afghanistan where U.S. troops are almost entirely dependent on airplanes and helicopters for resupply and fire support.

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Danger Room: In Blog Post, Former Navy Pilot Foreshadowed His Own Death

On the morning of March 6, a contractor-owned Kfir fighter jet missed the runway at Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada. “The airplane struck the ground in an open field in the northwest corner of the airport property and impacted a concrete building on the field,” the National Transportation Safety Board reported. A photo from the scene showed the Israeli-made jet’s nose buried in the structure’s side and scorch marks on the walls.

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Danger Room: The Air Force Still Doesn’t Know What’s Choking Its Stealth Fighter Pilots

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN America’s newest stealth fighters have a major problem: their pilots can’t breathe, due to some sort of malfunction in the planes’ oxygen-generation systems. For months, the Air Force has been studying the problem, which temporarily grounded the entire fleet of F-22 Raptors and may have contributed to a pilot’s death. Today, the [...]

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Word Bubble 2/14/12

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN The crew quickly realized the danger that extreme heat just on the other side of the inner hull might cause the torpedoes to explode. Since the hydraulic systems for torpedo removal were not functioning, they risked their lives to manually remove the torpedoes from the first compartment. According to Novaia Gazeta, three [...]

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Danger Room: Risky Rescue for Crippled Air Force Satellite

It was an epic space rescue that, in audacity and risk, echoed NASA’s campaign to save the astronauts aboard the doomed Apollo 13 moon mission. The biggest difference between the 1970 Apollo operation and the 14-month recovery of AEHF-1, an Air Force communications satellite, is that money was the only thing immediately at stake in the latter.

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Robert’s Latin America Round-Up

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Mexico No story has received as much in attention last week as the death of Mexico’s interior minister, Francisco Blake Mora, in a helicopter crash on the morning of Nov. 11. Effectively the vice president in a country without one, head of domestic affairs and CISEN, Mexico’s equivalent of the CIA, Blake [...]

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