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China’s Grip on Hollywood

The movie studio behind the Red Dawn remake switched the film’s antagonists from Chinese to North Korean to make nice with the Chinese government and audience. The New York Times has more.

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Danger Room: North Korea Invades America in Dumbest Movie Ever

North Korean paratroopers descend on an American small town. U.S. military resistance collapses. Korean armored vehicles roll down the streets unopposed except for a band of heavily armed bros in hoodies.

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Axe on Stop Imperialism

Listen as I discuss Special Operations Forces in Africa and North Korea plus the Chinese space program with Eric Draitser at Stop Imperialism.

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DefenceReport on Tolley Spat

I was a guest on (the U.K.) DefenceReport’s latest podcast.

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Transcript: Defense Department Regular Briefing, 5/31/12

Briefer: Capt. John Kirby, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Media Operations


30.05.12 North Korea and Special Forces

Watch as I discuss North Korea, Special Forces and the military’s accusations (since retracted) that I fabricated a news story about the two.

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Pentagon to Axe: You’re Right

Finally! Lt. Col. Jim Gregory called. This is what he said.


The Post in Question

The Diplomat has yanked my “commandos in North Korea” story, under pressure from those who claim I “made up” Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley’s comments.


Context of the Korea Special Forces Story

Some folks have accused me of fabricating quotations I attributed to Army Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley regarding U.S. surveillance operations in North Korea. See the original story here … and skepticism here and here.


The Diplomat: U.S. Force Spy on North Korea

U.S. Special Forces have been parachuting into North Korea to spy on Pyongyang’s extensive network of underground military facilities. That surprising disclosure, by a top U.S. commando officer, is a reminder of America’s continuing involvement in the “cold war” on the Korean peninsula – and of North Korea’s extensive preparations for the conflict turning hot.


Asia Security Watch: North Korea Goes Retro

by CRAIG SCANLAN Kim Jong Un’s turn as nostalgic replacement for his late grandfather, Kim Il-Sung, wasn’t the only bit of “history made new again” to come out of North Korea this week. North Korea has acquired U.S.-made MQM-107 Streaker target drones from the Middle East and is seeking to use them as a basis [...]

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Kim Jong Il Comix

Click through to revisit our Kim Jong Il Comix, created by Kyle Mizokami and Matt Bors to celebrate Dear Leader’s eccentric approach to war.

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