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Danger Room: Syria’s Ballistic Missile Arsenal Looms As Assad Regime Buckles

If in its final hours Syria’s crumbling government unleashes a chemical barrage — and some analysts certainly think that’s possible — the regime will probably rely on an arsenal of gas- or nerve agent-tipped ballistic missiles purchased from Iran and North Korea.


Danger Room: Pentagon’s Newest Ballistic Missile-Blaster Shoots Down Its Target

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN The Pentagon’s newest ballistic missile interceptor successfully destroyed a test missile off the coast of Hawaii late Wednesday. It’s a first for the latest upgrade to the America’s — and NATO’s — main defense against a missile attack from North Korea or Iran, assuming one ever comes. According to the Pentagon’s Missile [...]

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Big Sticks: China’s and America’s Global Strike Weapons

On a cold September morning in 1945, just two weeks after World War II ended on the deck of the USS Missouri, three B-29′s lifted off from newly-renamed Sapporo Air Base on the Japanese island of Hokkiado. They would not land again until headwinds over the Arctic forced a refueling stop at Chicago’s Midway Airport, preventing the bombers and their crews from reaching Washington, D.C., non-stop.


The Diplomat: U.S. May Cut Missile Defenses

Budget reductions have forced the U.S. Navy to consider reducing the number of surface warships. The cuts could include vessels devoted to missile defense – once a sacrosanct mission for the world’s most powerful navy.

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Danger Room: China’s Plan to Defeat U.S.: Missiles, Missiles and More Missiles

China is militarily weaker than many people think, especially compared to America. This, despite lots of showy jet prototypes and plenty of other factory-fresh equipment.


Danger Room: Busting Iran’s New Missile Bunkers

First, there was the undetectable, ship-killing flying boat. Next, a brand-new jet fighter equal to the U.S. F/A-18. After that, a stealth fighter capable of striking Israel. Then a killer drone nicknamed the “ambassador of death.”


The Diplomat: U.S. Missile Plan Back

It was one of the worst ideas of the George W. Bush administration. In the early 2000s, the U.S. Defense Department under Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld proposed fielding an arsenal of non-nuclear ballistic missiles meant for quickly targeting fleeting terrorist targets, such as training camps and leadership meetings. The so-called “Prompt Global Strike” initiative initially envisioned replacing the nuclear warheads with conventional explosives on existing Navy Trident ballistic missiles or Minuteman missiles belonging to the Air Force.

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Japanese Navy Tests Sea-Based Missile Defense

The guided missile destroyer JDS Kirishima is to visit Hawaii next month to participate in a Ballistic Missile Defense test. Kirishima was recently upgraded at Nagasaki with the capability to shoot down ballistic missiles. Kirishima was the fourth and last ship of the Kongo-class destroyers to be upgraded, and with her Japan now has four destroyers capable of engaging ballistic missiles. Kirishima has been out since at least July, when it was spotted at Yokosuka. Before the upgrade Kirishima also acted as tracking ship last year during the North Korean missile test.

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Air-to-Air Missile-Defense for Japan?

This article at Ares describes defense contractor Raytheon making the case for using “legacy fighters”in the missile-defense role. The concept, Network-Centric Airborne Defense Element, or “NCADE,” would require a fighter capable of carrying the AIM-120 AMRAAM medium-range air-to-air missile coupled with modern radars.

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Can Just Two Aegis Ships Defend All of Japan?

How many Aegis missile-defense ships would it take to defend Japan from ballistic missiles? According to an article from Kyodo …

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The Diplomat: China’s Alarming, Puzzling, Missile Test

On January 11, a large missile streaked upward from a test site in China. The missile rocketed beyond the atmosphere and struck another similar missile launched from a separate site. Later that day, the official Xinhua news agency announced a ‘test on ground-based midcourse missile interception technology.’

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The Laser Battleship

by DAVID AXE So you’ve spent years and billions of dollars designing a 14,000-ton stealthy battleship with enough on-board power generation to support an electromagnetic rail gun for attacking land targets. But history and reality intervene: the rail gun isn’t quite feasible and the shore-bombardment mission is waning. Then the Navy decides it can only [...]