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First Graf for Fifth-Gen War Book

Dan Abbott at tdaxp is editing a book about Fifth-Generation Warfare, and I’m writing the chapter on Africa. “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War? will be an edited volume of perspectives on ’5GW,’ one of the most controversial subjects in defense and security studies,” Dan writes. “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War? will be published [...]


Snarky Best American Comics Review

Man, is Noah Berlatsky grumpy. He reviewed the 2008 Best American Comics anthology for Chicago Reader. In short, “wearyingly predictable,” he writes. Of my own contribution, he adds: [T]he team of David Axe and Steve Olexa criticize the Iraq war — just in case you were wondering where alternative comics artists stood on that conflict.  [...]

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Axe, Laid Off!

Today I was laid off from, where I had been a paid contributor to the Danger Room blog, edited by Noah Shachtman. I still have a couple weeks left blogging at the site, but after that, my contributions (probably) will be limited to the occasional guest-editing gig. My firing was part of deep, cost-driven [...]


Belated WAR FIX Review

Better late than never, Turnaround Publishing Services reviews my 2006 graphic novel WAR FIX: Considering the West has invaded a developing nation, precipitated an illegal war and racked up a staggering body count with international impunity, it is remarkable there aren’t more comics about the conflict. There are plenty of graphic polemics, overwhelmingly from the [...]

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Two years ago NBM published my graphic novel war memoir WAR FIX. Looking back, I’m struck by how painless the whole process was. I had an excellent artist (Steve Olexa), NBM’s full support and the book sailed right through writing, art and publication. The sequel, by contrast, has been a nightmare. LOVE & TERROR is [...]

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Send Axe to Africa!

This week, I am heading to the Horn of Africa to cover the escalating piracy conflict and its effect on the Somali humanitarian crisis. I’ll be based in Mombasa, Kenya, with access to the U.N. World Food Program Somalia campaign, the NATO (and, soon E.U.) anti-piracy patrol group and Kenya’s legal and nonprofit sector that’s [...]


WAR FIX = “More than jokes and gags”

“Comics are so much more than jokes and gags,” Linda Barry, editor of the Best American Comics anthology for 2008, writes in her introduction. “They are, indeed,” agrees Tom Feran from The Plain Dealer, “and Barry’s insight informs her selections.” Last year’s edgy edition was engaging, but burdened by the angst and indulgence of autobiographical [...]

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Best American Comics, Reviewed

Warren Peace reviews this year’s Best American Comics. He calls the excerpt of my graphic novel WAR FIX a fascinating look at the pursuit of the adrenaline rush brought on by war journalism. I was surprised that more people didn’t talk about it, but maybe its inclusion here will get more discussion started. In this [...]

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Axe, Somalia-Bound

Don’t anybody get too excited right now, but it’s looking fairly likely that, sometime in the next six weeks or so, I’ll be traveling to the Horn of Africa to cover the Somali piracy problem.

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WAR FIX, Anthologized

My debut graphic novel, WAR FIX, has been collected in the latest volume of Best American Comics from Houghton Mifflin. The anthology features just 16 of WAR FIX’s 100 pages, but that’s enough for critics to make up their minds. “Very effective and good use of grey tone and the art made me decide to [...]

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Axe, Runner Up

A couple weeks back I asked for readers to vote for me in photo-sharing Website Demotix’s first news photo competition. Thanks to you all, I was tapped as a runner-up, for one of my Chad shots. My prize: a snazzy little camcorder.

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Axe, Sold!

A couple weeks back my latest comic book, a development of my webcomic “War Is Boring,” drawn by Matt Bors, went to market. Today it sold, to New American Library, an imprint of Penguin. It’ll be their first graphic novel when it comes out in 2010 — and my third, assuming the sequel to WAR [...]