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Tom Barnett Hearts Axe

by DAVID AXE On his blog, strategist Tom Barnett praised my latest column for World Politics Review — the one on China’s consultation with the U.S. Navy on humanitarian issues. Calling me a “free-ranging Michael Yon with an ‘everything else’-type focus,” Barnett said my column “is worth perusing each week on SysAdmin/DoEE-like subjects. It’s just [...]

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New Love & Terror Art

by DAVID AXE More sample art from LOVE & TERROR, the forthcoming sequel to my award-winning 2006 graphic novel WAR FIX. (Art: Ray Dillon)

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Axe & The Hurricane Hunters

by DAVID AXE On Tuesday I will be accompanying the Air Force’s 403rd Wing — the famed “Hurricane Hunters” flying WC-130J weather recon planes, pictured, into the hearts of major storms — on an orientation flight for bloggers. Here’s the Air Force press release: An Air Force Reserve 403rd Wing “Hurricane Hunters” WC-130J is scheduled [...]

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“It’s a Major Award”

A story I wrote in April last year for the U.S. Naval Institute’s Proceedings has won a Society of National Association Magazines award for feature writing in the 50,001-to-100,000 circulation category. The award comes with a $4 million cash prize. Brad Pitt hosts the ceremony in Washington, D.C., in June, which I will be attending [...]


War Is Boring: Chapter One Preview

A glimpse at chapter one of my new graphic novel WAR IS BORING, drawn by Matt Bors, slated for late 2010 publication by New American Library. (Art: Matt Bors)

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Book Preview: Fifth-Generation War in Africa, Part One

Daniel Abbott over at tdaxp is editing a new book on fifth-generation warfare, to be published by Nimble Books. I’m writing a chapter addressing Somalia, piracy (pictured), human security and 5GW in Africa. Here’s a brief sample: The “fourth generation” of war entailed irregular combatants fighting for an ideological cause, seeking to remake society according [...]


Robots = “A Revolution in the Way We Wage War”

“Trooper Talon doesn’t get tired or hungry,” Stephen Cave wrote last week in The Financial Times. “He doesn’t get scared and he doesn’t panic under fire. … Talon is a robot. He is the future of warfare and, with more than 12,000 robotic machines already deployed in Iraq, he is also the present.” We are [...]

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Send Axe to Africa with a New Camera! (Updated)

In three weeks I’ll be flying out to Nigeria to meet up with the U.S. Navy amphibious ship Nashville. The vessel’s mission is to deliver training assistance and humanitarian aid to a slew of West African nations. It’s all part of the Pentagon’s “soft-power” strategy for encouraging stability and winning new allies through good deeds. [...]


War Is Boring: the Graphic Novel

In late 2010, New American Library will publish my graphic novel WAR IS BORING. Artist Matt Bors just finished the prologue, and it looks great. Here’s a snapshot. (Art: Matt Bors)


Send Axe to Africa! Again!

In late March, I’ll be heading to Nigeria to embark aboard the USS Nashville amphibious ship during her “soft-power” deployment on the West African coast. Nashville‘s cruise is part of the Navy’s Africa Partnership Station, which in turn is one of three ongoing “Global Fleet Stations,” the other two targeting Latin America (pictured) and Asia. [...]


WAR FIX: “Hard-Hitting”

From the Eugene, OR, school district book reviews, a look at my 2006 graphic novel WAR FIX: Prepare yourself for some strong medicine in this graphic novel. … Contemporary, hard-hitting, and, well, graphic, this hardcover is definitely more suited to a mature teen audience than to a cartoon-loving middle school or elementary group. WAR FIX [...]

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Axe’s First Ad Campaign

Australian TV news network ABC will be using one of my photographs from Afghanistan, seen above, in their upcoming “More than the Headlines” campaign, which will see ads plastered on 400 buses in Sydney and Melbourne. Why me? Because the Australian government makes it so hard for reporters to cover Aussie military operations, “the main [...]