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Danger Room: Special Ops Commander Sacked After Tiltrotor Crash

The head of an Air Force Osprey tiltrotor squadron has reportedly been fired following the near-fatal crash of one of the unit’s aircraft on June 13. “The commander of the 8th Special Operations Squadron was relieved because of a loss of confidence in his ability to effectively command the unit,” Col. James Slife, 1st Special Operations Wing chief, told Inside Defense (subscription required).

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Danger Room: Food Fight: Contractor Accused of $750 Million Overcharge for Wartime Grub

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN In 2008, the Pentagon began investigating whether the main supplier of food to troops in Afghanistan overcharged taxpayers. Since then, there have been audits, recriminations and the discovery that the supplier may have overbilled the military as much as $756.9 million. Now lawmakers are squeezing both the Pentagon and the contractor in [...]

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22.11.10 U.S. Marine Corps Suspends Technology Reformer Franz Gayl

For a decade, Franz Gayl has advocated for some of the most important U.S. military technologies. As a science adviser to the Marine Corps, Gayl lobbied for the Pentagon to purchase nonlethal lasers, bomb-resistant trucks and surveillance drones and to develop concepts for transporting troops through space. He also proposed a radical approach to ending this year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

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Urgent! Read This!

Franz Gayl, a Marine Corps scientist, has fought hard over the years to get lifesaving gear to frontline troops. He even advanced a bold plan to end the Gulf oil spill earlier. For his heroic work, a resentful Marine bureaucracy has punished him, ultimately resulting in this. Please read this story. It’s indicative of a lot that’s wrong in the U.S. military today.


10.11.10 U.S. Military Cheats Gets Creative for Cost Savings

This summer, when U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates called on the four U.S. military branches to reduce their overhead costs by $100 billion over the next few years, he probably didn’t have this in mind. It has come to light that the U.S. Air Force, in an effort to avoid the lawsuits and delays that have plagued many of its recent aircraft purchases, is exploiting an obscure legal loophole to buy new helicopters without launching a competition.

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Matt Bors: “I Never Said We Were Exclusive.”

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Axeghanistan ’10: Big Man

Haji Zaki, at left in the photo, is just 26 years old. But politically, he’s an old hand. His father was a famed general and powerbroker, and little Haji benefited from an early exposure to Afghanistan’s wheelings and dealings. In an election two months ago, he snagged the presidency of the Parwan provincial council.

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Axe, Russian Shill, Misquoted

by DAVID AXE A year ago, Russia and Georgia fought a brief, bloody war over Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia. Russia won, and today South Ossetia is essentially autonomous, and a Russian client. The conflict featured propaganda efforts on both sides. Photographers in Georgia took several photographs, allegedly depicting civilians slain by Russian shelling, [...]


How the Navy Used Secrecy Regs to Screw Mom and Pop

by DAVID AXE From Rob Farley: Long story short, a small firm named Crater developed a coupler that could conceivably be used to help tap undersea cables. Lucent Technologies developed an interest in the coupler and played around with it for a bit until it decided that the device was, indeed, appropriate for a contract [...]

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“Incurious” Former President = “Masterful” in Iraq Surge?

In a review of Tom Ricks’ new book The Gamble, Josh Trevino highlights so-called “transitional figures” who played important roles in the implementation of the Iraq “surge” strategy that helped turn the tide against extremists. “The most surprising — and least discussed — transitional figure in The Gamble is President George W. Bush,” Trevino writes: [...]

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Analysts: Buy Fighters, or Die

“The world has to get used to taking care of itself,” analyst Loren Thompson declared at a confab in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. Thompson and a host of speakers reached a consensus: owing to the financial crisis and the inability to pay for complex weapons programs, the United States will have to “scale back its [...]


Neo-Conservatives = “The Worst National-Security Team of the Postwar Era”

Anthony Cordesman from the Center for Strategic and International Studies blasted the Bush Administration’s early national security team in a devastating speech at National Defense University, calling Donald Rumsfeld and his lieutenants the “worst national-security team of the postwar era.” But the leadership failures continue, Cordesman claimed, resulting in the “worst-run Department [of Defense]” in [...]

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