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Kyle’s Links 11/15/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * U.K. Defense Minister: military victory over Al Qaeda not possible * Iran to put on “Defender of the Sky” air-defense exercises * India: 60 military aircraft crashes in three years * Canada weighs bringing back the word “navy” * HMS Manchester visits Cuba, first RN visit in 50 years

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Kyle’s Links 11/10/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * New clash in old Moroccan vs. Polisario guerilla conflict * U.S. military helping Mexico vs. drug cartels * HMS Daring loses propulsion, back to port for repairs * Turkish, Chinese mountain troops in joint training * Indonesia sends Special Forces to monitor erupting volcano

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Kyle’s Links 11/8/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * Nicaraguan troops accidentally invade Costa Rica, blame Google Maps * South Korean woman analyst takes on ROK military-industrial complex * Al Qaeda in Iraq tried to down U.S. planes with “dog bombs” * Mali, Mauritania to launch joint anti-terror Sahara patrols * Chinese military in three-day visit to Syria

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Kyle’s Links 11/5/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * Does Britain really need a military after all? * ROK Special Forces off to UAE on training mission * Russian military reforms have many up in (figurative) arms * Talk of U.S. withdraw makes ANA troops uneasy * Keith Richards: “I supported Blair and Iraq War”


Kyle’s Links 10/29/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * Canada and the future of peacekeeping * France: we can build a Mistral assault ship for Russia by 2013 * North, South Korea trade gunfire at DMZ * Russian Admiral Gorshkov frigate launched * U.K. studies mental health of Iraq veterans

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Kyle’s Links 10/29/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * Taliban largely unscathed by NATO offensive * Afghanistan and the problem of badly built police stations * Sudan: Darfur officially “free of insurgency” * World War II bombs found on the Galapagos Islands * Philippine Special Forces to train local militias with worst acronym ever

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Kyle’s Links 10/22/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * HMS Astute runs aground off Scotland * Claim: Clinton lost nuclear launch codes, which he kept in his wallet * Thomas Barnett: “The Problem with Talking to the Taliban” * North Korea may be prepping for third nuclear test * Should Australia deploy tanks to Afghanistan?

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Kyle’s Links 10/20/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * African crackdown on the Lord’s Resistance Army * Britain’s defense cuts, explained * Anglo-French military cooperation * FARC trying to get materials to make a dirty bomb? * Malaysian troop on the way to Afghanistan, 25 percent women

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Kyle’s Links 10/15/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * China practices shooting down F-22 Raptor * New footage of PAK-FA appears on YouTube * Gibraltar to U.K.: protect us from Spanish * In video games, a handful can be killed without controversy * Bosnian troops joining NATO effort in Afghanistan

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Kyle’s Links 10/11/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * Karzai admits to “unofficial contacts” with Taliban * Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb a threat to Europe * Japanese, Chinese defense chiefs meet * With FARC on the ropes, can Colombia end the civil war? * U.S. Army buys iPads


Kyle’s Links 10/4/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * Turkey, China conduct joint aerial maneuvers * Jordan sending spooks, soldiers to train Afghan security forces * Indonesia looking to modernize armed forces * U.K. MoD to servicemen: beware Facebook Places * NPR: “Some See Disconnect Between Servicemembers, Civilian Society”

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Kyle’s Links 10/1/10

by KYLE MIZOKAMI * Army rescues Ecuadorian president from rebellious cops * India deploys anti-monkey monkeys to Commonwealth Games * Full-scale tank modelers of Russia * Was Chinese fishing boat captain a PLAN agent? * The Philippines’ “Gun City”

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