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Atlantic Sentinel: India’s Strategic Doctrine of Lapse

George K. Tanham, a famous American military historian once said, “India doesn’t have a strategic culture.” In other words, India doesn’t have a strategy to project its power beyond the confines of the subcontinent. This shows a defensive realism on the part of Indian policy makers.


On Heroism

by ZACH ROSENBERG Today is Veteran’s Day, when Americans honor their military veterans and the sacrifices they have made. People celebrate in different ways, and as with most holidays, some are more observant than others. I, for example, will write this post, think about those who have made sacrifices on my behalf, make pasta for [...]


Baghdad University Law Dean: Despite 80 Faculty Murdered, Hope for Future

More than 80 professors at Baghdad University have been murdered by extremists in a bid to shut down the country’s emerging democracy. All the same, Dr. Ali Kadhum Aziz Al-Rufaie, dean of the law school, paid a visit to my alma mater the University of South Carolina last week to express hope for Iraq’s legal [...]

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World Politics Review: Future Face of Conflict

“In the midst of two wars and with an ‘era of persistent conflict’ foreseen ahead, America and its military are confronting battlefield urgencies and operational complexities that challenge the very way in which we conceive of warfare.” This according to the editors of World Politics Review last week: Whether on the ground in Iraq and [...]

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Who Knew Warships Came with Professors?

The Navy bloggers aboard the USS Russell rope their shipboard English professor — a civilian from Central Texas College — to write a guest blog. Holy crap, it’s hilarious: My students and I fight, on a daily basis, our campaign against dangling modifiers and other such manifestations of slack-mindedness (many of you military types fear [...]

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FM 3-0: Army Gets It Right

Bravo, U.S. Army. Crunching lessons from more than 15 years of post-Cold War instability, the service’s top thinkers have prepared a revised manual for basic land warfare doctrine. Lieutenant General William Caldwell and a team at Fort Leavenworth were responsible for updating the 2001 edition (big pdf!) of FM 3-0 to reflect the Army’s experiences [...]

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Army: Wikis Too Risky

They might not build $150-million F-22 stealth fighters, but in other ways insurgents and terrorists are amazingly tech savvy. For one, they’re hip to using grungy, bare-bones websites to spread tactics and ideology across the planet on the cheap, transforming once-isolated local and regional conflicts into genuine threats to global stability. Author John Robb calls [...]


LockMart Whistleblower: Vindicated!

Two years ago ex-Lockheed Martin engineer Michael DeKort, in a bout of frustration, posted a video on Youtube accusing his former employer of cutting corners on the electronics suites for 123-foot patrol boats for the Coast Guard — allegations that have since been proved by leaked Coast Guard documents. Today DeKort continues to hound the defense industry and the Coast Guard for wasting billions [...]

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Sats Spot Burma Human Rights Abuses (Addendum)

Last week I reported how commercial satellites were helping human rights groups spot government abuses in Burma (new army encampment pictured). Some readers worried that space-based imagery was too easy to fake or misinterpret. As it turns out, the imagery specialists from the American Association for the Advancement of Science team up with Burmese spotters [...]


Sats Spot Burma Human Rights Abuses (Updated)

Hot on the heels of geek-driven efforts to spot missing adventurer Steve Fossett using commercial satellite imagery, human rights groups have harnessed space-based imagery to track abuses in violence-wracked Burma. It’s all part of what American Association for the Advancement of Science spokesman Lars Bromley describes as a sort of non-government strategy for conflict monitoring [...]

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Experts Say Experts Can’t Be Trusted

Who’s better at predicting threats, conflicts and their outcomes: policymakers and pundits, or a bunch of average slobs? According to one recent study, they’re all about the same:   The research can have serious consequences for foreign policy and business. [Co-author Kesten] Green says, “Political leaders in the West are pondering how best to deal with the threat [...]


Angelina Jolie Invades Iraq

Angelina Jolie visited Syria and Iraq this week on behalf of the U.N. High Council on Refugees, the A.P. reports: Jolie traveled to the Al-Waleed refugee camp on the Iraqi side of the border and spoke to some of the 1,200 Iraqis living there before visiting a contingent of U.S. troops in the area, the [...]

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