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Voice of America: Food Crisis in the Sahel

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Danger Room: Air Force’s New Tactic: ‘Blanketing a City’ With Energy Bars

In 1999, the Australian military launched a major peacekeeping and humanitarian intervention into the tiny Southeast Asian country of East Timor, following Timor’s brutal conflict with Indonesia. Australian aircrews began flying emergency relief missions, air-dropping loads of food, water and other supplies to the impoverished Timorese.

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Matt Bors: Haiti Sketch

One of Matt Bors’ sketches from Haiti. He returns to the U.S. next week.

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Japan Security Watch: Tanks Deployed to Stricken N-Plant

by KYLE MIZOKAMI According to the Daily Yomiuri, the GSDF is sending two Type 74 main battle tanks to the Fukushima Daiichi reactor to help clean up rubble and debris from the earthquake, tsunami, and explosions at the reactor site. The rubble and debris are hampering emergency efforts to repair the reactors. The GSDF is [...]

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Axe in Congo: Give Me Shelter

There are just a few hundred fighters from the Lord’s Resistance Army in the vicinity of Dungu, in northeastern Congo just south of Sudan. These few fighters, traveling in bands of six or so men and camped deep in the forest, have killed thousands of people in recent years and displaced some 300,000. Rarely have so few caused so much suffering for so many.

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World Politics Review: Congo Peacekeepers Always One Step behind LRA

DUNGU, Democratic Republic of Congo — The report must have caused a furor when it reached the Kinshasa headquarters of the U.N. peacekeeping force in Congo: Last week, residents of Duru, a town of several thousand residents in Congo’s inaccessible northeast, told peacekeepers at a nearby U.N. base that the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group had just attacked and abducted several people.

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Axe in Congo: Convoy!

Moroccan troops escorted a World Food Program convoy through rough terrain from Dungu to Ngilima in northeastern Congo on September 21. Lord’s Resistance Army rebels were spotted in Ngilima just before and during the movement. The LRA’s presence forces people from their fields to the safety of the town center, rendering them unable to feed themselves and thus reliant on WFP. The roughly 25-mile trip took nearly three hours owing to kiddie-pool-size potholes in the dirt road.


World Politics Review: Afghan Forces Deploy for Pakistan Flood Relief

Torrential monsoon rains since late July have flooded Pakistan’s Swat Valley and portions of neighboring Afghanistan, killing nearly 2,000 people and displacing around 2 million. Relief efforts have included deployments of troops and helicopters by the Pakistan military, the NATO force in Afghanistan and, perhaps surprisingly, the nascent Afghan air corps. “Right now, the Afghan air force has four Mi-17 helicopters in Pakistan supporting that relief effort,” said U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Michael Boera, head of Afghan air training.

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21.08.10 For U.S., Pakistan Flooding an Opportunity

The heavy rains in Pakistan’s restive Swat Valley began in late July and didn’t let up for weeks. Flooding and landslides killed at least 1,500 people and displaced 4 million in the worst natural disaster to strike Pakistan in years.

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U.N. Dispatch: Humanitarian Aid, a Warmonger’s Best Friend?

Does humanitarian aid prolong wars? Yes, argues Dutch journalist Linda Polman in her new book War Games: The Story of Aid and War in Modern Times, which was just reviewed by The Guardian.


U.N. Dispatch: Detained Italian Aid Workers Freed in Afghanistan

Three Italian aid workers arrested in southern Afghanistan on April 10 for allegedly plotting to kill a provincial governor have been freed, according to the AP.

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Jessica Stone: Charities Hustle to Beat Haiti’s Rainy Season

With the May rainy season fast closing in on Port-au-Prince, charity workers in Haiti are undertaking a massive effort to make sure the hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the January earthquake have adequate shelter.

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