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Axeghanistan ’10: Fighting Position

Maximilian Soto was a Latter Day Saints missionary in West Africa before returning to the U.S. to attend San Diego State University. Married, with a kid, he realized he was going to have money trouble. So he tried the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, discovered he liked it. Fast forward five or six years, and Soto is the platoon leader for 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 82nd Airborne Division Special Troops Battalion, assigned to Parwan province, just north of Kabul.

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Meet Greg Scott, New War Is Boring Contributor

I was a huge fan of Greg Scott before I even knew who he was. Greg was one of the artists on Gotham Central, the best-ever comic book in the Batman franchise. Gotham Central starred the everyday cops and detectives of the Gotham Police Department as they battled crime in a city overrun with criminal madmen and one nutcase vigilante dressed as a bat. Greg’s naturalistic style perfectly matched Ed Brubaker’s bare-bones writing.

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