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Pete’s Africa Round-Up

Democratic Republic of Congo
Monday saw the first presidential and parliamentary elections since 2006 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Stakes were high in the single-round elections, with eight presidential and 18,000 parliamentary candidates on the ballots. The run-up towards election day was tense, with frequent clashes between security forces and supporters of UDPS candidate √Čtienne Tshisekedi in urban centers. On the final campaign weekend alone, up to 10 people died in the capital of Kinshasa.

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Correspondent: Chad “Not Quiet”

Weeks following a potentially region-changing peace deal between Chad and Sudan, the former country remains on the brink of its own, internal crises. Shifting rains plus massive displacement resulting from years of fighting have combined to disrupt agriculture. “More than two million Chadians will be affected by hunger” this year, says Mahamat Tahir Issa, War Is Boring’s Chad correspondent.

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