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14.09.10’s Author’s Desk: Expression in Comics

Sometimes comics is the only way. Wandering through the world’s war zones these last five years, I’ve seen and heard things that can’t be communicated any other way.

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World Politics Review: Countries (Half-Heartedly) Vie for Influence in East Timor

On Feb. 11, 2008, gunfire erupted across Dili, the capital of East Timor, as rebels under disgruntled former army officer Alfredo Reinado unleashed separate attacks against the country’s president and prime minister. President Jose Ramos-Horta, who a year earlier had won the country’s first presidential election since gaining independence in 2002, was shot and wounded. Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao escaped injury. Reinado and another rebel died when government guards fired back on the attackers.

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Beware the Timor Ninjas

During Indonesia’s brutal, two-decade occupation of East Timor that ended in 1999, armed Indonesian groups called “ninjas” prowled towns at night, seizing opposition members. Now the government of the fledgling country fears the ninjas have returned, in the form of martial-arts-trained youth gangs.

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Prosecutor: Give Timor Rebel Girlfriend 20 Years

The Australian girlfriend of slain East Timorese rebel leader Alfredo Reinado should get 20 years in prison for aiding the rebel’s attempts to kill the president and prime minister of the tiny, impoverished country adjacent to Indonesia. Prosecutor Felismino Cardoso asked three Timorese judges to sentence Angelita Pires to the maximum sentence allowed by law for her alleged role in the simultaneous gun attacks on President Jose Ramos-Horta and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao in 2008. Ramos-Horta was shot and nearly died; Gusmao escaped unscathed. Reinado diedwhen security forces fired back.

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Timor Tour of Duty

by DAVID AXE War Is Boring pal Sasha Uzunov has edited a new documentary about the early days of the Australian intervention in East Timor in 2001. Check out Timor Tour of Duty. (Video: Sasha Uzunov)

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Aussies Draw Down in East Timor

by DAVID AXE The Australian withdrawal from East Timor continues, three years after ethnic tensions in the new country’s police force escalated into widespread violence. It’s been nearly a decade since East Timor split away from neighboring Indonesia, which had occupied the tiny, oil-rich country since 1975. A joint Australian-New Zealand peacekeeping battalion works with [...]

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A Decade of East Timor Aid: Mostly Wasted

by DAVID AXE Ten years ago, Catholic East Timor voted to break away from Muslim Indonesia. Subsequent fighting killed hundreds and flattened the tiny country’s infrastructure. The U.N., plus Australian and New Zealand peacekeepers, stepped in to provide security and funnel aid to East Timor’s 1 million people. But just 10 percent of the $8 [...]


East Timor Security Reform Stalls

by DAVID AXE East Timor, adjacent to Indonesia, is one of the world’s youngest countries and still suffers the birth pangs of its independence. Riots in 2006 claimed scores of lives, and a festering rebellion resulted in assassination attempts on the new country’s senior leaders. Australia, New Zealand and Portugal maintain military peacekeepers and police [...]

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Wasteful East Timor Cries Help

East Timor was freed from Indonesian rule in 2002 following two decades of bloodshed and oppression. Australian peacekeepers, pictured, deployed to provide security, and in 2006 the U.N. stepped in to help the oil-rich country start basic services and governance. But that mandate ends in 2010, and Dili wants the U.N. to stick around longer, [...]

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Japan Hearts East Timor; East Timor Hearts Cash

The global recession is wrecking havoc across the developing world, as investors pull their money out of emerging economies and flee to the relative safety of the U.S. dollar. Developing oil producers are particularly hard hit, as the price of their major export has dropped 70 percent in a year. Bizarrely, there’s one big exception [...]

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East Timor “at Risk of Anarchy”

Two years after bloody ethnic fighting wracked one of the world’s youngest countries, East Timor, adjacent to Indonesia, is “at risk of anarchy,” due to corruption, political infighting and a precipitous drop in the oil revenues that account for the country’s main income. This according to a leaked U.N. report reviewed by The Australian. Despite [...]


East Timor: Security Elusive

The U.S. embassy in Dili, East Timor, is warning American citizens of increasing security measures in the tiny, resource-rich country. Timor’s police have set up checkpoints to search for illegal weapons and, apparently, Indonesian infiltrators. “Please be aware of your surroundings,” the embassy advised in an email. Eight months after rebel assassins shot and wounded [...]