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Defense Update: Iran’s S-300 “Look-Alike,” Hoax or Reality?

Iran has unveiled several new missiles and UAVs at the 2010 Army Day Parade, highlighting long-range ballistic missiles of the solid-propelled Safir and liquid-propelled Shahab family. Iran also hints on the existence of a new missile in its arsenal, an S-300 “look-alike.”

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Defense Update: Psyops and the Battle for Marjah

As the campaign to take over the village of Marjah enters its second day, the fog of battle has somewhat dissipated, bringing to light one of the untold truths over what the real battle is all about. Coalition forces conducting the operation are trying their utmost, to emphasize the role of the Afghan National Army as an equal member of the engaged military force, and lead element representing the interests and authority of the central government in Kabul.

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