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Danger Room: Insider Attacks Now Biggest Killer of NATO Troops

Rogue Afghan soldiers and police turning their weapons on their allies are now the leading cause of death for NATO troops. On Aug. 28 a man wearing an Afghan army uniform opened fire on Australian soldiers in the southern province of Uruzgan, killing three and wounding two.

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Danger Room: Army Doubles Down on ‘Garbled, Ineffective’ Next-Gen Radios

In key moments during the U.S. Army’s latest war game for advanced communications gear, the troops’ high-tech new radios failed them.

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Danger Room: Syrian Rebels Hit Back at Regime Warplanes

Syrian president Bashar Al Assad’s jet fighters and helicopters continue to pound Free Syrian Army rebels in Damascus, Aleppo and other battleground cities, contributing to a death toll reportedly as high as 320 in one town in a single week. Attacks by jet fighters on rebels in Damascus yesterday reportedly killed 60 people.

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Faster than a Speeding Bullet

In Combat Aircraft, Warren Thompson reminds us of the awesome power of the Lockheed SR-71 spy plane, which with its hybrid turbojet-ramjet engines could exceed Mach 3 and 70,000 feet.

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Danger Room: From Bug Drones to Disease Assassins, Super Weapons Rule U.S. War Game

CARLISLE, Pennsylvania — A rogue state is on the verge of developing a deadly biological weapon against which the rest of the world has no defense. Through its connections to extremist groups and smugglers, the regime could be planning to launch bio attacks on U.S. allies and interests.

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Veteran-Musicians Wanted for Bands of Brothers

A friend of mine, a very good T.V. producer in New York City, is helping cast a new Web-based reality show called Bands of Brothers. The premise: a dozen musically-inclined veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars — male and female — will be divided into three rock bands and perform in Philadelphia. The goal is to raise awareness of PTSD and other veterans’ issues.


Danger Room: One of These Trucks Will Be The Army’s New, $14 Billion Ride

The U.S. Army just took a big step closer to getting a brand-new, high-tech ride. Yesterday the Army announced the three companies that will continue to develop the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, a sort of blend between today’s workhorse Humvee and the bomb-resistant MRAP trucks that have saved so many lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lockheed Martin, AM General and Oshkosh Defense each received around $30 million to refine their JLTV prototypes ahead of a final selection 27 months from now.

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21.08.12 Rebels vs. Government in Syrian Air Battle

The embattled regime of Syrian president Bashar Assad has unleashed its air forces against fighters of the rebel Free Syrian Army in the city of Aleppo and other battlegrounds. Government Mi-8 Hip helicopters and MiG-23 and L-39 jets have added gun- and rocket-fire to the army’s indiscriminate artillery barrages.

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Code Pink Flames Axe

It’s finally happened. I got flamed by Code Pink, the fringe anti-war group famous for … well, wearing pink and being annoying. Tony Blome from Code Pink’s San Francisco operations wrote to scold me for my recent Wired article “Hidden History: America’s Secret Drone War in Africa,” in which I detailed drone operations over Somalia since 2007.


Voice of America: Refugees Flee Tuareg

Tuareg refugees face the threat of reprisal from the new regime in southern Mali in addition to poverty, starvation and disease.

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Marines Corps Flack: Stealth Fighter is AMAZING — Oh Oh and American Flags!

Well, this is embarrassing.


China’s Grip on Hollywood

The movie studio behind the Red Dawn remake switched the film’s antagonists from Chinese to North Korean to make nice with the Chinese government and audience. The New York Times has more.

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