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Great Hatred, Little Room, Behind the Scenes at The Troubles

The Troubles is one of the most painful periods in recent Anglo-Irish history. The climax of almost over 500 years of conflict between English, Irish, Scottish and even Dutch and French powers, it has touched many lives and families across the British Isles and Europe. My own father, for example, served in 3 Para during the height of The Troubles, while a firm friend of mine grew up in Free Derry. We have found common ground in our own experiences.


Royal Air Force Cut Means “Stealthy” Hit on Royal Navy

The Royal Navy seemed to escape major cuts in the most recent British defense drawdown. The Senior Service lost just two of its roughly 100 ships: a mine-hunter and a survey vessel. The Royal Air Force, on the other hand, took big hits, losing its Nimrod maritime patrol planes plus some Tornado and Harrier jets.


Aussie Commando Wins Victoria Cross, Major Prize

by DAVID AXE New Zealander Willie Apiata isn’t the only Commonwealth commando to gain fame from his Afghanistan exploits. Australian commando Trooper Mark Donaldson was just named “Young Australian of the Year,” according to The Australian. Donaldson rose to fame after winning the Victoria Cross for his role in a September 2008 firefight in which [...]


New Zealand Commandos in Kabul Battle

by DAVID AXE A secretive contingent of New Zealand Special Air Service commandos was involved in last weekend’s bloody battle in Kabul — and one enterprising freelance photographer took a picture to prove it.