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08.10.10 How to Talk to the Lord’s Resistance Army

As a military target, the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group in Congo makes other armed bands look easy, in comparison. Even the Taliban — a notoriously fleet-footed group that easily blends in among Afghan civilians — is easier to find, fix and destroy.

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Axe in Congo: Getting from A to B in Congo

Indonesian army engineers belonging to the MONUSCO U.N. peacekeeping force in Congo are building a 150-kilometer road between Dungu and Faradje, helping improve security and economic development.

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World Politics Review: Congo Peacekeepers Always One Step behind LRA

DUNGU, Democratic Republic of Congo — The report must have caused a furor when it reached the Kinshasa headquarters of the U.N. peacekeeping force in Congo: Last week, residents of Duru, a town of several thousand residents in Congo’s inaccessible northeast, told peacekeepers at a nearby U.N. base that the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group had just attacked and abducted several people.

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Axe in Congo: Convoy!

Moroccan troops escorted a World Food Program convoy through rough terrain from Dungu to Ngilima in northeastern Congo on September 21. Lord’s Resistance Army rebels were spotted in Ngilima just before and during the movement. The LRA’s presence forces people from their fields to the safety of the town center, rendering them unable to feed themselves and thus reliant on WFP. The roughly 25-mile trip took nearly three hours owing to kiddie-pool-size potholes in the dirt road.


Axe in Congo: Photos

I’ve begun uploading Congo photos to my Flickr stream. Check them out.

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Proposal: American Observers for New Congo Peacekeeping Force

Over at Global Dashboard, Richard Gowan weighs in on analyst Michael O’Hanlon’s proposal that the U.S. send forces to Democratic Republic of Congo to kick-start a new peacekeeping organization that might help rescue the country from scores of overlapping conflicts. The existing U.N. force just isn’t working — and the DRC government wants those peacekeepers to leave.

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World Politics Review: Congo Calls for Peacekeepers’ Withdrawal

Congo wants the U.N. peacekeepers out. Eleven years after one the world’s biggest peacekeeping forces deployed to the Democratic Republic of Congo in a bid to tamp down on insurgent violence and oversee the resolution of a bloody civil war, DRC President Joseph Kabila has grown uncomfortable with the sometimes corrupt and ineffective blue-helmeted troops. “Don’t do anything for us,” Lambert Mende, Kabila’s information minister, told the U.N. “We will do it ourselves.”

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Japan, the #2 Economy in the World, #85 in Peacekeeping

“With great power comes great responsibility.”


Correspondent: Chad “Not Quiet”

Weeks following a potentially region-changing peace deal between Chad and Sudan, the former country remains on the brink of its own, internal crises. Shifting rains plus massive displacement resulting from years of fighting have combined to disrupt agriculture. “More than two million Chadians will be affected by hunger” this year, says Mahamat Tahir Issa, War Is Boring’s Chad correspondent.

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Leadership Changes for Darfur Peacekeepers

Henry Anyidoho of Ghana, a decorated former soldier and peacekeeper noted for his service during the Rwandan genocide, is ending his long service in Darfur. For years the retired general has been posted in Darfur, first as the head of the U.N. assistance cell advising the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS), then as the deputy special representative of AMIS, and lastly as the A.U.-U.N. deputy joint special representative to UNAMID (and serving for a time as acting special representative after the departure of A.U.-U.N. joint special representative Rudolph Adada).

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African Union Troops’ Moga Technical

The 5,000-strong African Union contingent in Mogadishu provides the heavy firepower to back up lightly-armed Somali government troops battling Al-Shabab insurgents. In addition to their RG-31 and Buffel armored trucks, the A.U. is also using this armed “technical” pickup truck.

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World Politics Review: DRC Death Toll Debate Raises Questions

In the U.K.’s House of Lords on Feb. 3, members of parliament debated expanding Great Britain’s aid to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the site of several intersecting security and humanitarian crises. “Some 5 million people have died there since 1998,” said Lord David Alton of Liverpool. “It is the most deadly conflict since World War II.”