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The Washington Times: E.U. Peacekeepers Schmoozing for Water Access in Chad

“We respect you enormously,” Mr. [Bogdan] Klich [the Polish defense minister] told the Chadians. “We are here to help alleviate your problems.” He hinted at potential civic and reconstruction projects that EUFOR might undertake once it has fully deployed to Iriba [in Chad]. [Polish] Col. [Marc] Gryga has made similar promises in the past, but [...]

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World Politics Review: Central African Refugees Video

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World Politics Review: E.U. in Chad Video

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Whither Chad

For a journalist, the upside of being shot at is that you know you’re onto a worthwhile story. Of course, that was small comfort back in June as I fled gunfire in the town of Abeche in desolate eastern Chad. Elements of the Chadian army had mistaken each other – and me – for rebels [...]


World Politics Review: Recruiting of Child Soldiers for Chad Army, Rebel Groups Remains Routine

They usually come at night, to the sprawling refugee camps in eastern Chad along the border with Sudan. Recruiters for Chad-based rebel groups, which are locked in bloody combat with Khartoum and its militia proxies in Sudan’s Darfur region, sometimes simply show up at the camps and new recruits, many of them still boys, come [...]

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Qik and Nokia in Chad

When Web 2.0 startup Qik offered me a free Nokia N95 camera phone plus their new video-streaming software for my trip to Chad, I jumped. Here was a chance to try out the latest technology in one of the world’s most remote war-zones. The Qik-N95 combo promised to condense the basic capabilities of bulky and [...]


Inter Press Service: “With the right methods, you can be self-sufficient.”

The U.N. High Commission for Refugees says that in the five years since camps were established in Southern Chad for Central African refugees, U.N.-administered agriculture programs have reduced external food assistance to a minimum. Since 2006, Boubacar Amadou, a 62-year-old Chad native, has overseen a portfolio of food self-sufficiency programs for more than 20,000 Central [...]

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World Politics Review: U.N. Refugee Agency Expands Chad Aid to Local Population

The U.N.’s main refugee agency is expanding its work in southern Chad, adding programs for impoverished local villagers in order to head off conflict between locals and a growing population of Central African refugees. The programs, administered by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees and partner aid groups, include aid to farmers and herders. The [...]

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Dutch Swimming Vehicles Take On Chad’s Rainy Season

“There’s a small Royal Netherlands Marine Corps detachment over there [in Chad] which does recce ops for the Irish battalion,” my friend Hans de Vriej, a reporter for Radio Netherlands Worldwide, writes in: They brought their own “Viking,” a.k.a. the “Armoured All Terrain Vehicle Protected BsV10.” Pic attached. Made in Sweden. They made an interesting [...]


Welcome, Chad’s Lizard Overlords

My official authorizations from the Chadian government permit me to travel and report on most subjects in most of the country. As well they should – getting these permits cost me hundreds of dollars in “unofficial fees.” But some things are off-limits. According to my “Authorization to Photograph and Film,” I am prohibited from taking [...]

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Inter Press Service: Farmers, Herders Collide in Southern Refugee Camps

Clarisse Larlombaye was nearly ruined when a herd of cows got into her rice field one night. The tiny 900-square-meter plot, outside the U.N.-run Gondje refugee camp in lush southern Chad is the sole source of income for Larlombaye and the two other Central African refugees she shares it with. In recent years, Larlombaye and [...]


Out of Africa

I’m back in the U.S. after a month in Central Africa. I’ve got another week’s worth of Chad posts lined up for you. In the meantime, I’m going to find a dark corner and slip into a deep depression for a while. See you on the other end.