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Atlantic Sentinel: Syria is Where ‘Responsibility to Protect’ Goes To Die

by NICK OTTENS Poor Susan Rice was exasperated last week. The American ambassador to the United Nations saw the first step toward international intervention in Syria go up in smoke over the weekend when China and Russia blocked a Security Council resolution that would have urged President Bashar al-Assad to resign. The two veto wielding [...]

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Atlantic Sentinel: ‘Smallest Navy Since 1917′ Also Most Powerful

by NICK OTTENS President Barack Obama’s planned reductions in defense spending have earned him considerable criticism from the right. One of his potential Republican challengers, Mitt Romney, laments that the United States Navy “is smaller than it’s been since 1917.” Other conservatives claim that the cuts in military spending will put the nation at risk. [...]

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Atlantic Sentinel: Al Qaeda’s Yemeni Outfit Grabbing More Land

by DANIEL R. DePETRIS Al Qaeda’s core organizational leadership may be at its weakest point in over a decade but the group’s regional franchises are certainly making up for their losses. Nowhere in the world is this more obvious than in Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, with a government fractured internally and system of [...]

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Peter’s Atlantic Round-Up

European Union
British Foreign Secretary William Hague has blocked an attempt by his opposite number within the E.U. to establish a permanent European “Operational HQ” that could have power over British troops. The “OHQ” idea was pushed by E.U. Foreign High Representative Baroness Ashton and would involve civilian and military officials specializing in crisis-management. OHQ would have control over “European battle groups,” which could include British servicemen.

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Atlantic Sentinel: Netherlands Contemplate Huge Defense Cuts

by NICK OTTENS The Dutch Government is reportedly contemplating huge cuts in defense spending. As part of a total €18 billion worth of austerity measures, the liberal-conservative coalition has planned some €1 billion in budget cuts to the defense department which could force the resignation of up to ten thousand service personnel. While the government [...]


Atlantic Sentinel: Saudi Troops Enter Bahrain As Protests Escalate

by NICK OTTENS A month after Bahraini Shiites first took to the streets to protest against their Sunni dominated government, the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) agreed to deploy troops to guard energy facilities and infrastructure in the country. Opposition members characterized the move as an “occupation” if not “a declaration of war.” [...]

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Atlantic Sentinel: Tsunami Strikes Japan at Time of Recession

A devastating tsunami triggered by the biggest earthquake on record in Japan probably killed more than a thousand people along the country’s northeastern coast on Friday. A wall of water of up to thirty feet high swept across rice fields, engulfed towns, dragged houses onto highways, tossed cars and boats like toys, reaching as far as six miles inland in Miyagi Prefecture.

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Peter’s Atlantic Round-Up

The situation is moving so fast that I’m finding it hard to keep up. What we do know is that a ferocious effort is underway to evacuate the tens of thousands of foreign expats who are currently trying to escape the chaos in Libya. Both the scale and the effectiveness of the efforts vary. While Greece and Turkey lead the way in the efficiency of its maritime evacuations — even offering to other countries like China to help evacuate their citizens — other nations like Canada and the U.K. have been criticized for slow reactions and incompetent handling of the situation on the ground. A Canadian chartered airliner had to leave Tripoli empty after officials overestimated the number of Canadian nationals in the area. Meanwhile, thousands more E.U. and American nationals are stuck deep in the desert far from the reach of charter planes and ferries. Rumors thus abound that as well as the two Royal Navy destroyers (Cumberland and York) in the area an SAS/SBS detachment backed up by 1 PARA SFSG are preparing to help safely evacuate those stranded. This is, I must stress, just a rumor.

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Atlantic Sentinel: Russia’s Black Sea Threat?

In the latest issue of Proceedings Magazine, Lieutenant Colonel John A. Mowchan of the US Army articulates a vision of Russia that is in many ways at odds with reality. For this reason, it deserves a commentary that will also act as a rebuttal.


Atlantic Sentinel: United States Cautious to Support Egypt Protests

As tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Egypt’s major cities again on Sunday, the United States is wondering what impact the unrest and possible regime change could have on American foreign policy in the region. For 30 years, Egypt has been a factor of stability in the Middle East and it continues to play an instrumental role in both advancing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and containing Iran.


Atlantic Sentinel: India’s Strategic Doctrine of Lapse

George K. Tanham, a famous American military historian once said, “India doesn’t have a strategic culture.” In other words, India doesn’t have a strategy to project its power beyond the confines of the subcontinent. This shows a defensive realism on the part of Indian policy makers.


Japan Identifies China as Primary Threat

Cold War in East Asia? Japan is literally moving forces from defending against a Soviet invasion to monitoring today’s communist superpower. China thinks Tokyo’s attitude is “irresponsible.”