War Is Boring is Moving!


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Good news! War Is Boring has a new home. Starting today, we’re officially a collection within Medium.com, a new site from the creators of Twitter. Myself and Robert Beckhusen will be the main writers, with design by Matt Bors.

The new WIB will preserve the best qualities of the old: frontline and tech reporting, the tone and humor and even the comics. But our emphasis will be more on long-form investigative reporting rather than quick daily news and aggregating.

And as always, we are looking for new contributors. You can reach me at david.t.axe-at-gmail.com. Give us a few days to begin populating the new site … and wish us luck!


6 Responses to “War Is Boring is Moving!”

  1. John L says:

    Yay, long form. :)

  2. Pierre says:

    Is there an RSS feed for the new medium-hosted blog?

  3. David Axe says:


  4. VNCcc says:

    David, the RSS feed you gave is invalid, both in Apple Mail and in Vienna.
    Help, please?

  5. Varun says:

    Hello David,

    I’d been missing this for a while now. Didn’t ask / look at the comments section for the RSS feed.
    Thanks for putting it up. Is there any way that you can include it in the upcoming post, so that it helps people like me.

  6. Chuck Pelto says:

    RE: Moving? Good! Why?

    Because the article that brought you to my attention wouldn’t let me comment. I found that rather ‘disappointing’.

    I had some professional—27 years in harness, mustang, paratrooper, jumpmaster, Ranger, logistician, to provide.

    Get it better…..