The Upside Down Flag


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<em>Photo: David Axe</em>

Photo: David Axe


A few days back at we ran this photo attached to a story about troops in Afghanistan and their technology. Since then I’ve gotten several emails about the captain’s upside down flag patch.

Let me assure you — neither I nor the officer noticed the patch was upside down. It was an accident, not a political statement.¬†Got distracted by the war, I guess. Our apologies.


7 Responses to “The Upside Down Flag”

  1. Riccardo Cabeza says:

    Stop whining. He meant it. Iraq and Afghanistan is a republican abortion.

  2. William C says:

    I love the way Democrat bag-holders like you Riccardo try to wash your hands of the downwards spiral our country has been heading in since the end of the Cold War. The good Captain here made a mistake.

  3. Frank R says:

    I’m offended by his posture, clearly this is some sort of political statement. I feel compelled to use this as an excuse to rant about something political.

    Or I could get a life.

  4. loic says:

    surprised inspections didnt catch it

  5. TechDud says:

    Nice poppies.

    If Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was still in his grave, he would likely be rolling in it, in my humble opinion.

    Those are poppies, aren’t they?

  6. Juan Deron says:

    Mistakes happen… as a former soldier I’d blame the cap’ns buddies for not helping a brother notice his brain fart and I’d say “never pass fault”. Or maybe he was saying something, I dont know the guy (I doubt it though). I do love the l’il conclusion bias all the haters are throwing out there. Regardless of his lack of attention to detail. I hope he stays safe.

  7. old.frt says:

    Yes, those are poppies.
    War, or no war, the locals still have to eat.

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