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<em>Art: Tim Hamilton</em>

Art: Tim Hamilton


From the U.K. Metro:

Following the trail blazed by Joe Sacco’s Palestine, comic books and war reportage unite once again in ARMY OF GOD (Public Affairs) where U.S. military correspondent David Axe takes us undercover into the Congo, a country the U.N. has dubbed “the rape capital of the world.”

Axe may fall short of his mission impossible “to map the emotional and spiritual landscape” of the Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony, currently “most wanted” for crimes against humanity, but his outsider account is still immediate and intimate.

Where he can, Axe uses his own first-person interviews as the basis for Tim Hamilton’s starkly drawn panels, exposing in traumatic snapshots a terrorized people. An invaluable guidebook to the conflict for the many millions who’ve so far viewed the Jason Russell documentary Kony 2012 on YouTube.


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  1. julio roa says:

    Just starting to read Army of God. I’m still shocked you made a prologue called Congo where you skip the name of Lumumba. Not a single mention? Strange.

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