4 Responses to “French Foreign Legion Parachutes into Mali”

  1. RP Defense says:

    Shot a by a Harfang drone – confirmed !


  2. jimmy says:

    There are now unconfirmed reports that people have been executed and thrown into wells in the latest French push into Mali. Perhaps these acts are a prelude to the French paratroopers in Mali soon enjoying a good time breathlessly ravishing Malian women and girls. French people always never learn.

  3. Gildas says:

    Unconfirmed reports? Hearsay? Or stuff you made up?

    It’s just stupid for the liberating force to poison the wells and alienating the population they desperately need to win. It just makes NO sense.

    I’ll put this in the bullcrap file.

  4. Mike says:

    Its crap like bullshitter jimmy says that give the legion an undeserved bad name..take your panti hose off and get out there.
    Mike Ex-Legionnaire

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