Danger Room: This Is the Arsenal Hitting Mali’s Militants


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<em>Photo: French Ministry of Defense</em>

Photo: French Ministry of Defense


By air and by land, the French military is on the attack in the embattled West African state of Mali. Ten months after the takeover of the country’s north by al-Qaida-affiliated Islamic militants, a sudden assault by rebel forces towards the capital of Bamako on Friday provoked a powerful response by France, Mali’s former colonial ruler.

French drones scouted targets as warplanes dropped bombs and helicopter gunships launched missiles. Tanker planes supported the aerial armada while rented and borrowed airlifters hauled in troops and armored vehicles to Bamako. On Wednesday French and Malian ground forces headed north from the capital to do battle with the militants.

“The real question is, now what?” said Army Gen. Carter Ham, commander of U.S. Africa Command. The Pentagon is considering adding it own drones and support forces to the French “Operation Serval,” but U.S. leaders are understandably reluctant given the tenacity of rebel resistance and the potential for a drawn-out conflict.

What follows are the 10 most important weapons of the fighting so far in Mali. Most of them are French, although Paris’ allies and one private company have also contributed hardware. If the war drags on much longer and the U.S. gets involved, the major weaponry of the Mali war could start looking a lot more familiar to American audiences.

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3 Responses to “Danger Room: This Is the Arsenal Hitting Mali’s Militants”

  1. jimmy says:

    New year, new war. The French are incorrigible colonialists. Hollande is just as bad as Sarkozy. After Libya, Syria, Mali, who is next on the French list ?

  2. jimmy says:

    Other than the perennially despicable French euro fascists, several diehard euro ex-colonialists like Germany and Spain are also keen to join the growing bloodshed in Mali. Why can’t these euro fascists just leave Mali for the Arab and/or the Muslim world to handle ? ? ? The U.S. is very keen as well except the Pentagon now has grounded the F-35B after throwing oceans of money at it. More Nato-wars coming in 2013 very likely !

  3. Alberto Del Rio says:

    The only reason why the French and their lackeys are in Mali is for the Oil. The Malians are ready to sacrifice their souls, their children and their families so as not to give up their country. They say this so no one will think that France is capable of breaking the will of the Malian people with its weapons.