Brainstorming the Fighter after Next


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F-35. Lockheed photo.

F-35. Lockheed photo.


The general in charge of the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command says he doesn’t know what the flying branch’s after-next jet fighter will look like. But he does know the Air Force will need a so-called “sixth-generation” fighter beginning around 2030, just as the planned purchase of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters is winding down.

“There will have to be a sixth generation” of jet fighters,” Gen. Mike Hostage, a former F-15 pilot, said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., on Friday. Whatever form it takes, the new warplane must incorporate what Hostage called “game-changing capability.”

“We don’t yet know what it is but we’re out there looking carefully,” Hostage added. However, the general offered some clues about the broad direction of warplane development.

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One Response to “ Brainstorming the Fighter after Next”

  1. Alejandro says:

    Interesting read though the report is incomplete.

    No mentioning of the F-106 Delta Dart which was the Air forces go to interceptor for much of the cold war or the similarly important F-18 and F-14 naval fighters which mirrored the F-16, and F-15. Even attack aircraft fallowed this mix as A-10′s were sent in after F-111′s took out enemy defenses.

    The navy is planning to begin their six gen fighter program in 2016 to replace the F-18, and I suspect they are going to go the heavy twin engine route after the f-35 finally enters production and replaces the AV-8′s and early f-16′s and F-18 A’s.

    Grumman took back their YF-23 demonstrator back in 2004 and modified it to be a display for the air forces “Interim Bomber” program that was cancelled in 2006. I also expect Boeing to enter either another F-18 derivative or a naval variant of the f-15. Lockheed has been working on a replacement for the S-3 viking for a while and can always submit a F-35 variant.

    The only two wild cards in the navy competition would be a Dassault partnership with an American Defense contractor to offer it’s Rafael (which is already qualified to fly of carriers)or a unlikely dark horse like General Dynamics reentering the supersonic fighter business with something.

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